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5 Reasons Why Your Business Or Office Needs A Water Cooler

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Having a water cooler anywhere in your business or office is more important than just giving staff a chance to have their water cooler chats. It’s a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly way to benefit them – and you – in plenty of different ways. So here are 5 reasons why your business or office – and your staff – needs a water cooler.

1. Water is good for you

Not just another soundbite, but actually true. It reaches muscle tissue and other parts of your body that other fluids can bypass – and being sugar-free, it’s a key part of having a healthy, balanced diet. As adults, our bodies are around 60% water, so keeping staff regularly hydrated and maintaining a positive water balance is crucial to mental and physical health and wellbeing.

2. Water provides a mental boost

We’ve all experienced days in the office where we feel a bit sluggish and not quite at the top of our game. This is usually a sign of being dehydrated which can affect levels of concentration, productivity, and energy, as well as causing headaches. Drinking enough water during the working day (the NHS Eat Well guide recommends 6 to 8 glasses a day) will overcome all this to keep staff alert and functioning at their best.

3. Pure filtered water

All Thirsty Work water coolers provide pure, filtered water every time for the sweetest taste. Our bottled water coolers use naturally filtered water direct from our own underground spring water source, while our popular mains fed water coolers all include an advanced water filtration system. Both ensure essential, natural minerals remain while microplastics and other trace contaminants are kept out.

4. Easy maintenance

With our fully inclusive service and maintenance packages, you don’t need to worry about the long-term upkeep of your water cooler. Every 6 months, our qualified engineers will come to your business and carry out a thorough cleaning and sanitisation process and filter change to keep all your water coolers in perfect health. But find out more info in our blog on how often you should clean your water cooler.

5. Save your business money

Often at the ‘business’ end of the decision-making is how much a water cooler will cost for your business. We know every business and its needs are different, so we’re happy to provide a flexible package to suit you, including initial installation, your water (if not mains fed) and cup deliveries, and your maintenance and service. And on top of that, you could be providing cool, pure water to your staff for an energy-efficient 10p a day – or less.

Get all the benefits of Thirsty Work

Plenty of businesses are taking full advantage of all these benefits – and more – by having a water cooler installed in their offices, ensuring their staff have easy access to great-tasting, pure water. Your business can join them by starting your risk-free 10-day water cooler trial or contacting us for your free, no-obligation quote today.

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