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3 Reasons Why You Should Install A Water Cooler In Your Home Office

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

While many self-employed people have worked from home for years, the pandemic showed businesses that many of their employed staff could work remotely as well. So if you’re self-employed or continue to work remotely for your employer, installing a water cooler in your home office can make a real difference to your working day.

Do your best work with a water cooler

Working from a home office has been a real gamechanger for employed staff over the last couple of years. It might have taken some businesses a while to get on top of the technical aspects of getting staff set up to work remotely, but it allowed them to log in and work as normal, just at home rather than in the office.

But working from home isn’t without its challenges. Beyond the technical aspects, many missed the office camaraderie and routine. But others thrived and found it to be a more productive way of working, especially in London where a long daily commute might not provide the best start to the day.

Now hybrid working is commonplace, allowing a split between the home and office. So whether you’re a hybrid worker or fully self-employed, a home office can be an ideal space to do your best work. And while staying hydrated during the day is essential wherever you work, installing a water cooler in your home office can be a positive benefit. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Increased productivity

Drinking water regularly can have a huge impact on your working day. Our brain is 75% water so keeping hydrated helps it – and you – perform better. Even a small loss of fluids to your body can have a negative effect, so drinking water can improve your concentration, your focus, and help you stay more alert and avoid mental fatigue, giving you increased productivity overall.

2. Essential lubrication

Drinking water also helps to keep your muscles and joints lubricated too. If your job requires a lot of sitting down, you won't be moving as much as you need to. So, while not a replacement for physical exercise, drinking water can give essential lubrication to the tissue in your joints to keep them healthy and spongy while delivering nutrients to your muscles.

3. Convenient access

Installing a mains fed water cooler or bottled water cooler into your home office is easy. While an engineer will need to connect the pipework for a mains fed cooler, all you need for either is a standard wall plug and you’re good to go – convenient and easy access to pure-filtered water all day, every day from a floor standing or countertop model.

Immediate installation and delivery

Whether you’re working from your home office every day or just a few days a week, installing a water cooler could be the best thing you do. And with Thirsty Work same day or next day deliveries, we install, deliver, and maintain your water cooler whenever you need it, wherever you’re based in London or the southeast.

To find out more and what you can expect from us, and start your no-obligation, no risk, 10-day free trial, contact our customer service team on 02080 498 501, or email today.