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A range of hot water boilers, bottled and mains fed watercoolers for your convenience.

Mains Fed Water Coolers

Our range of mains fed watercoolers are a convenient way for you to enjoy chilled and filtered water. Our full maintenance and six monthly filter change program, included as standard will keep your watercooler in perfect working order. Find the right cooler for your office, by viewing our range of mains fed coolers, or contact us directly for expert advice. 

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Bottled Water Coolers

Our bottled watercoolers are an easy way to enjoy our pure Cornish spring water. Serviced by our BWCA qualified engineers, this will give you peace of mind that your watercooler is maintained to the highest standard. Bottled water coolers are a great way of providing instantly chilled, spring water for your staff and visitors. A bottled water cooler is a great option for businesses looking for a portable unit, as it can be located anywhere, whenever. To find the right bottled water cooler for your office, view our range of products or contact one of our water experts. 

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Hot Water Dispensers

Our comprehensive range of instant hot water dispensers have been designed to replace your kettle and save you time, money and energy. Our full maintenance and six monthly filter change program, included as standard will keep your hot water dispenser in perfect working order. All of our instant hot water dispensers are designed and manufactured in Great Britain. Find the right hot water dispenser for your office, by viewing our range of products, or contact us directly for expert advice. 

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Our water is bottled, exclusively for us, from our natural spring in Cornwall. We offer both 18.9 Litre and 13 Litre bottled spring water exclusively for your bottled watercooler as well as 500ml lifestyle spring water bottles. 

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We offer a large range of cups for your water cooler from paper to plastic including a fully biodegradable & compostable paper cup & cone range. 

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We offer a range of water cooler accessories, including recyclable water cooler cups, cones, bottle covers and bottle racks. 

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                                     Why Choose Us 


Dispenser for Every Space 

Thirsty Works water dispensers and water coolers come in a range of free-standing or countertop models. With a range of designs, our water dispensers are designed to suit every workplace. We offer businesses a range of dispensers, which can provide endless cold water, with additional hot and sparkling options available to. So, if you're looking for an office water cooler or dispenser which will provide the highest quality of refreshing water for your workplace, then Thirsty Work have got what you are looking for. Find the right dispenser for your office by looking at our range, or contact us directly for expert advice.

Service & Aftercare 

Whether it’s a bottled water cooler or mains fed dispenser, our installation process and servicing package have been designed to give you total peace of mind. Every Thirsty Work dispenser is delivered and installed by a fully qualified engineer. Our maintenance packages included in the rental of the unit include, twice yearly servicing, filter changes, all parts, and any deliveries or call outs. Our servicing packages will mean you have nothing to worry about when you choose Thirsty Work as your office water dispenser service provider. Talk to our team of water experts, to find out what is covered with our service package.

Environmentally Friendly 

At Thirsty Work, we dedicate our efforts and resources to developing advanced technologies and solutions for our customers. Our service is not only environmentally friendly, but also easily sustainable. With our mains fed water coolers, you can drastically reduce your businesses plastic waste, environmental pollution and carbon emissions. We also as standard offer all our customers a range of paper water cooler cups and cones including a new biodegradable and compostable range. So, by choosing Thirsty Work as your water cooler supplier, you are not only benefiting the environment, but also increasing your company’s social awareness and decreasing your carbon footprint.  

Economical Solution

Thirsty Work intend to make pure, clean and great tasting drinking water affordable for all businesses across the UK. With our affordable and innovative water dispensers and water coolers we are able to deliver our customers pure water in every cup. By choosing Thirsty Work as your water dispenser service provider, we eliminate the need to buy, transport and store bottled water, making it a viable economical solution for your businesses drinking water. If you are interested in finding out how our services could save you money, then do contact one of our water experts for advice.


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