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Hi-Class30 Countertop Water Bottling System

The Hi-Class30 is a counter-top water cooler solution with optional integrated touchless sensor technology. It is compact and powerful, and provides safe and reliable filtered drinking water.

The absence of external taps, and the protected dispensing point prevent outside bacterial contamination.

Elegant blue LEDs ensure accurate bottle or glass positioning underneath the dispense taps, and the large dispense height is ideal for refilling personal water bottles.

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Puraguard is a ground-breaking protective antimicrobial coating that can be applied to your dispensers taps on request, providing 24hr protection against the growth of microbes (bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses). Click here for more information, and contact us to request this coating. 


Key Features

  • Ice-bank cooling system 
  • Choose from chilled still, sparkling and ambient water options 
  • Delivers up to 30 litres per hour of chilled water below 12˚C 
  • 303mm dispense height to fit  bottles and jugs 
  • Full filter change and servicing package included  
  • Optional touch-free operation 
  • Optional automatic portion control 
  • With pura filtration 
  • Optional puraguard Antibacterial and antiviral protection 


Height 407mm
Width 262mm
Depth 552mm

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