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5 Interesting Facts About Water You Might Not Know

Posted by on March 13th 2023 in Benefits of Water, General, Helpful Advice

Water. An essential source of life for every human, animal, and plant on planet Earth. But while it keeps us and everything else refreshed, hydrated, and healthy, water is also a unique substance in its own right, full of surprises, whichever form it’s in. So, since March is the month for World Water Day, we’ve gathered our favourite five interesting facts about water that you might not already know.

1. Water is the only substance that can be three separate things

Water is the only substance on Earth that can be in three different states: liquid, solid, or gas. As a liquid,...

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How Does A Water Cooler Work?

Posted by on February 15th 2023 in General, Helpful Advice , Water Coolers

A water cooler is a familiar sight for many people in homes, schools, and offices all over London and the southeast. Giving everyone cool, crisp, and filtered water at the push of a button or pull of the tap, it’s often the drinking water of choice, coming up trumps for purity and great taste in these notoriously hard water areas. Daily water cooler users know how good they are, but how does a water cooler work?

Mains-fed or bottled water coolers

Two types of water cooler are commonly seen in schools, hospitals, offices, and public buildings all over London – bottled water...

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Easy Ways To Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

Posted by on February 13th 2023 in Environment , General, Helpful Advice

Being environmentally aware and as eco-friendly as possible is more important than ever, as we all do our bit to ensure a greener, more sustainable future. And as we spend more time in the office than anywhere else for a large part of every day, making our workspace more eco-friendly makes sense. So whether you're an office manager or an employee, these tips will help create a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious office environment.

Easy, eco-friendly wins for your office

Getting green and eco-friendly isn’t as hard – or expensive – as you might think, and there are plenty of ways to...

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How Your Commercial Kitchen Can Save Water And Cut Costs

Posted by on May 14th 2022 in General

Every business in the hospitality industry is looking to cut costs and reduce its environmental impact at the moment. When rising costs meet a climate emergency, tough decisions need to be made across the board, especially in London and the southeast where the concentration of commercial kitchens in hotels, restaurants, and bars is high. So how can your hospitality business save water and costs?

Saving water in your commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchens are one of the highest users of water in the country. With food preparation and cleaning, alongside general cleaning, washing, and associated use, water comes at a cost – not...

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How Can I Dispose Or Recycle My Old Water Dispenser?

Posted by on May 2nd 2022 in General

If your water dispenser is properly looked after and regularly maintained, there’s no reason why it shouldn't give you plenty of years of good service. But every appliance you own will have a finite shelf life and will need replacing at some point. So, when the time comes, how do you dispose of your water dispenser and can it be recycled?

Ownership can mean costly disposal

Both bottled and mains fed water dispensers are a common sight across the UK, with the majority of offices, public buildings and spaces, and even homes having one or more in daily use. So when they...

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Is It Safe To Drink Mains Water With Added Fluoride?

Posted by on October 27th 2021 in General, Health

The fluoride level in mains drinking water has long since been a controversial topic. Though a natural mineral that’s found in every supply at differing levels, there’s been a long-running argument between the risks and benefits of artificially adding more. But news is filtering out that fluoride will begin to be added to drinking water across the UK in a new attempt to fight tooth decay.

Rising tooth decay in the UK

We’re all aware of fluoride being a common and essential ingredient of everyday toothpaste, so why do we need extra into our water supply? The fluoride mineral is found in...

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Encourage Daily Hydration In Your Office With Custom Water Bottles

Posted by on June 16th 2021 in General

Drinking water throughout the day is always something we encourage, but it’s not just us. The NHS recommends drinking between 6-8 glasses of fluids a day and it’s always water that reaches the parts of your body other fluids just don’t. So to help your staff stay hydrated for longer, why not encourage them to drink more with a custom water bottle?

A long term answer

As a responsible company, Thirsty Work is committed to reducing or eliminating the amount of plastic waste and recycle wherever we can while encouraging all our customers to do the same. In fact, one big step...

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Where Can I Rent A Water Cooler In London?

Posted by on April 12th 2021 in General

Whatever sector or industry you work in, if you’re heading into the office every day, or even working from home, quick, easy, and convenient access to fresh water is essential to you and your staff. But if you currently rent a water cooler in London or the southeast, are you getting the service and value for money you expect?

Rent a water cooler in London with Thirsty Work

Renting a water cooler is becoming more and more common in offices and workplaces all over the country, but especially in London and the southeast. Giving you total convenience, it’s often the best way...

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Branded Glass Bottles: The Economic and Ecological Benefits For Your Hotel

Posted by on April 1st 2021 in General, Helpful Advice

For hotels and other hospitality sector businesses around the world, there is, by default, a lot of waste. According to Wrap, 62% of packaging and ‘non-food’ waste is recycled, and one of the highest levels of recycling is for glass. But with growing urgency to reduce and reuse, branded glass bottles could be a way for your hotel to market your brand values and reduce your environmental impact.

Recycle, reduce, and reuse

In the 21st century, recycling, reducing, and reusing is now as much a global necessity as it is a positive step in boosting your venue’s eco-credentials. While glass is 100%...

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Thirsty Work: The Water Supplier Of Choice For TV And Film Production Companies

Posted by on March 15th 2021 in General

Following our recent merger with Aquachill, Thirsty Work has been able to grab an opportunity to take our brand and products into the South East. As well as supplying our water and coolers to homes and businesses from our new base, we’ve also been able to open up a new market in the world of TV and film production.

Three core values

As an independent brand, Thirsty Work prides itself on three core values of flexibility, adaptability, and reliability. These credentials give us an advantage over larger corporations, and with them, we’re able to give our customers everything they need and more...

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