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World Water Day – What Is It And Why Is It Important?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

By now, we must all have seen the various ‘awareness days’ that pepper, not only our calendars, but our social media feeds too. While some are lighthearted, others can carry a more serious message to raise awareness of subjects, including health, medical, or environmental, that might otherwise get overlooked. And, as water is our business, one of the awareness days we’re highlighting this year is World Water Day.

What is World Water Day?

Many awareness days have an underlying message and act both as a celebration and a way to push its subject out to a wider audience and World Water Day does exactly this. World Water Day is a United Nations-led observance day held on 22 March each year with the aim of raising awareness of the 2 billion people around the world who don’t have access to clean, safe water.

Co-ordinated by UN-Water members and partners since 1993, the day is used to champion the sustainable management of water sources and the importance of sanitation for all people by 2030. Each year, UN-Water sets a specific theme for World Water Day and past themes have included Water Energy, Women and Water, and Water for the Future. The theme for 2022 is ‘Groundwater - Making The Invisible Visible’.

The importance of groundwater

All of the earth's water comes from two sources: Surface Water – which is any collection of rainwater that results in a large body of fresh water like a lake, reservoir, or river – and Groundwater – any water that flows and collects deep underground between rock formations known as aquifers.

Though we never really get to see groundwater, its impact and importance are undeniable. As well as being the basis of drinking water supplies, including in many of the driest places on earth, groundwater also supports farming and other industries alongside ecosystems.

What can we do about groundwater?

As we look to change and adapt to the climate emergency, groundwater will play a significant role, as will our increased reliance on it. Globally, we need to introduce more sustainable water management and ways of protecting this precious, underground resource from over-use, waste, and pollution.

This means action being taken by those in power and responsible for environmental policy to explore, analyze, and monitor groundwater in every region. And this is really what World Water Day is all about – celebrating what we have, but also raising awareness and pushing for sustainable change all around the world.

Sustainable water management from Thirsty Work

Thirsty Work is the owner of our own 60ft deep, underground groundwater source at Wenlock Edge in the Shropshire Hills AONB which we use to fill our 18.9 and 13-Litre water bottles for each of our bottled water coolers.

We already do everything we can to protect it, while ensuring its sustainable management, and will continue to work with key policymakers and environmental agencies to ensure it stays that way for many years to come.

For more information on our naturally-sourced spring water and our range of bottled water coolers or mains fed coolers, contact our customer service team today. Call 01392 877 172 or email us at to get your free quote or start your no-risk, 10-day free trial. And for more info on #WorldWaterDay, visit