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Why Water Coolers Need Regularly Sanitising

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By Will Vickery |  Published

As a local water cooler supplier, we understand the importance of why your water cooler needs to be regularly sanitised. That’s why we feel it is important for us to educate you, on why your water cooler needs to be regularly sanitised. Essentially, water coolers are simple mechanisms and according to the British Water Cooler Association they need to be sanitised every quarter, as a minimum.

Why do water coolers need sanitising?

The water in our bottled water coolers is sourced from our very own spring. This means, the water goes through the least amount of processing possible to give a pleasant taste, with water-borne minerals still intact, at the point it is dispensed.

But there are some nemesis of water, and these nemesis help to create the right conditions for water borne germs to flourish and contaminate the water.  


If you leave water in the sun for a short period of time, it will start to become tinged green and algae will begin to form. This doesn’t just happen when the water is exposed to air, but a water bottle on a water cooler placed by a sunny window could be the perfect fertile breeding ground for some bacteria. As part of our water cooler and dispenser servicing package, our expert engineer may suggest you move the water cooler to a more shaded spot in order to avoid this issue.


Within the mechanism of the water cooler, there will be a certain level of heat. It doesn’t have to be scorching hot, but just warm enough that it causes humidity in some components of the system. As water passes through when a user presses the tap to dispense water, it wipes the bacteria off the surface of the mechanisms and into the water. Luckily, in minute doses these bacteria are harmless, but if the water cooler is not sanitised on a regular basis, it could potentially cause problems.

Clean Surface

As water passes over a surface, in most cases, it doesn’t ‘stick’. Sanitised surfaces have a coating that doesn’t allow for this to happen. In other words, this coating technology prevents nasty germs and bacteria from being able to stick to a medium that allows it to grow.

Germs passed from hands, equipment and the environment

Occasionally you here of scenarios where germs around the top of bottle are transferred from the bottle to the dispenser when you are filling up your bottle. Thus, everyone shares the germs of the last user and so on.

Likewise, not everyone has the same scrupulous hand washing regimen as you and thus, taps and dispensers that are frequently used could carry some unseen and unpleasant bacteria.

The good news is, it takes nothing more than a wipe with a sanitising spray and disposable wipe and the dispenser is germ-free. Additionally, our quarterly servicing package that comes inclusive with the rental of the water dispenser will ensure that all parts of the dispenser are sterile and safe to use.

Airborne dust and grime

Like all other surfaces, dust and grime can settle on the water dispenser. To keep it clean, it will need a wipe every now and then. We always suggest placing your water cooler in a well – ventilated area and one that is not subjected to a lot of dust and air-borne particles floating about.

Thirsty Work’s Water Cooler Servicing

Every quarter, one of our fully accredited engineers will come and visit you to do a full sanitisation and maintenance check of your water cooler. Our engineers do this to high and strict standards imposed by the British Water Cooler Association. On top of this every year, you will receive a brand new machine to keep your water cooler looking clean and professional within your office.

If you have any further questions or queries about anything then do not hesitate to get in contact with us

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