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Why It's Essential To Have A Water Cooler On Your Film Set

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

From indoor studio productions to large, outdoor location shoots, every TV and film set involves dozens, if not hundreds, of people. It can be hot and thirsty work for everyone involved, indoors or out, so having plenty of easily accessible and conveniently placed water coolers on any film set or TV studio is essential for all artists and crew.

Water for a healthy crew

While other liquid refreshments will usually be available on set, water will always be the best option. Quenching the thirst of everyone, fresh water helps keep the whole team properly hydrated and alert while keeping those energy levels up to stay productive in a demanding environment.

TV and film sets can be tough, hot places to work. Whether you’re outdoors on location in warm or hot weather, or in a studio with dozens of other people with hot lights and a lack of fresh air, it can all have a draining effect over the course of a long day. Having easy access to water in both situations, drinking enough, and staying well hydrated throughout a days filming can make a real difference.

As well as relieving thirst, it minimises health risks, especially heat exhaustion out on location in the sun, giving everyone an energy boost and cooling them down to help them work more productively and more effectively.

Water health and safety

But of course, your water supplies need to be plentiful enough to extend to everyone on set. From the on-screen talent to the talents of everyone behind the scenes who make the magic happen: camera operators, runners, makeup, costume, and lighting departments, and entire production crews.

There may be tea, coffee, and a range of soft drinks, juices, or smoothies to hand, but these can often run out or be forgotten, albeit temporarily. Having a continuous supply of bottled water is crucial to everyone on set and if that runs out people could suffer.

While everyone is responsible for maintaining their own hydration levels and drinking enough, ensuring the continuous supply of water is essential for any production unit. A film or TV studio without enough water could become a health and safety issue and the last thing any production needs is to be let down by your supplier.

Flexible and adaptable reliability

By regularly supplying film sets and studios, Thirsty Work is well aware of the importance of having good water supplies at all times. And we know the issues that can be caused when your production is slowed down by water supplies and deliveries not being met on time, or at all.

But we’re flexible enough to deliver your water cooler and supplies to any location in London or across the south-east while being adaptable enough to deliver it when you need it – whether that’s for a next day or even a same day delivery. And we’re reliable so you know we won’t let you or your crew down.

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