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Which Water Dispenser Is Best For Your School?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Children are particularly susceptible to dehydration as they’re less tolerant of heat in hot weather or when exercising or being active. Staying hydrated is crucial for kids to maintain good physical and mental health so they can function and thrive at school every day. Thirsty Work has a selection of mains fed water dispensers, water fountains, and bottle fillers, that are perfect for the daily hydration challenges of kids at school.

Mains fed water dispensers

An ideal addition to smaller schools, our slimline, freestanding Clover D16 mains fed water dispenser is a hardwearing cooler giving chilled and ambient filtered water with a single pull of the tap. More than capable of delivering the water every student needs each day, the sleek black finish is as cool as it gets.

For larger schools, the high capacity Arctic Chill 108 mains fed water dispenser is a freestanding unit fit for the liveliness and action in the corridors, canteens, and common rooms. Delivering chilled and ambient filtered water for every student, there’s also a UVC LED purification shield to protect against bacteria and viruses.

Both models feature a coating of Puraguard antibacterial and antiviral surface protection and can be plumbed directly into your school’s mains water supply, so there’s no need to worry about bottle storage. And with a supply of 7oz recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable cups, your school can take an extra step in reducing single-use plastic waste.

Water fountains

But water dispensers aren’t the only way to keep students refreshed, hydrated, and productive. Discreetly positioned, wall-mounted or floor-standing water fountains can be a great way for busy students to get a drink on the go between classes.

Serving a continuous flow of mains water, fully filtered through the in-built Pura filtration system, each model can deliver high volume, great-tasting chilled or ambient water. The Versa fountain is even designed to eliminate splashing and standing water while the ‘bubbler’ helps reduce water waste by 50%.

Water Bottle fillers

Encouraging kids to bring their own reusable bottles to school means they can carry water with them at all times, reusing and refilling whenever they need to. Our Recess and Surface Mounted bottle filler can be installed wall mounted with minimal effort or recessed into the wall for a flush finish, while our freestanding Quasar bottle filler can be placed in any convenient, high-traffic area.

Both styles are mains fed, delivering fully-filtered chilled and ambient water, and are coated with Puraguard antibacterial and antiviral surface protection. And both feature a filling area large enough to accommodate bottles of all shapes and sizes – the Quasar even features a 30-second shut-off timer.

Hot water dispensers

But it’s not only students who need hydration at school. After the teachers deliver their lessons, a hard-earned time-out can be much needed. So the installation of a mains fed hot water dispenser can be a lifesaver for a quick cup of tea or coffee – or even a lunchtime snack.

Among plenty of other good reasons, a hot water dispenser is faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than a standard kettle, and can serve up to 30 litres of 96º water on demand, every hour – more than enough for every teacher in need of a quick staff room brew.

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