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Where's The Best Place To Put My Water Cooler?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

By installing a water cooler in your workplace or your home, you’ll have instant access to pure-filtered, ambient or cool water whenever it’s needed. And apart from offering you positive health benefits, great-tasting water, and cost-effective value for money, every water cooler can be positioned just about anywhere you need it – so where’s the best place for it to be?

Water coolers in the workplace

However much you drink, water is one of the best ways to stay hydrated and healthy every day, giving you plenty of benefits in the process. And a water cooler (or more than one) can be a quick, convenient, and easy way to start drinking more, whether it’s for you in your home – or your home office – your staff, customers, or visitors.

Bottled water coolers have long been a popular choice for offices, factories, or workshops. Instantly delivering ambient or ice-cold water, they can go almost wherever you need them to go. With a choice of bottled water coolers, that need only a standard 13-amp plug to get started, or mains fed water coolers, that can be installed up to 13 metres from your mains water supply inlet, your positioning options are quickly opened up. So let’s take a look at a few of the best places to put your water cooler.

Where’s the best place to put your water cooler?

With two different types of water coolers available, both can give you plenty of flexible installation options for your needs. And, while being mindful of ongoing COVID-19 measures and the movement or gathering of people in indoor spaces, the easy installation of multiple water coolers around the workplace will give everyone more convenience with fewer people.

Your reception area

The ideal location for any visitors or customers entering your premises, a water cooler here will give everyone a chance to refresh and rehydrate before any meetings, visits – or interviews! As it’s a high traffic area, a water cooler with taps coated with antibacterial and antiviral Purguard or even a touchless footswitch is a great opportunity to halt the spread of any germs.

Your kitchen area

The perfect place for a mains fed water cooler. Close to other white goods, a kitchen water cooler is a great incentive for staff to drink more while they make their lunch or while making the office tea round from your hot water dispenser. And for smaller kitchens, a countertop water cooler could be the answer if space is tight.

Your office and factory floors

Those classic water cooler moments often make the day go more quickly. So having water coolers that are easily accessible in several places around larger, open plan offices gives all staff the chance to take five, get refreshed, and stay hydrated to ensure maximum productivity.

Cool water on tap with Thirsty Work

Whether you’re working from home or in the workplace, staying hydrated is crucial to your mental and physical health. And a Thirsty Work watercooler is the ideal way to give everyone convenient access to cool, fresh, filtered water – wherever you place it.

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