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Where Can I Rent A Water Cooler In London?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Whatever sector or industry you work in, if you’re heading into the office every day, or even working from home, quick, easy, and convenient access to fresh water is essential to you and your staff. But if you currently rent a water cooler in London or the southeast, are you getting the service and value for money you expect?

Rent a water cooler in London with Thirsty Work

Renting a water cooler is becoming more and more common in offices and workplaces all over the country, but especially in London and the southeast. Giving you total convenience, it’s often the best way to keep you and your staff, colleagues, and visitors fully hydrated and feeling healthy and alert each day.

Having become one of the biggest and best independent water cooler companies in the southwest, Thirsty Work has recently taken the opportunity to focus on renting a water cooler to business owners and home users across London and the southeast.

We know customers in this area can, and have been, let down by their current supplier with water cooler and water deliveries turning up late or sometimes not being delivered at all. Based out of our southeast HQ in Hemel Hempstead, we use three core values to make sure we’re in a position to deliver to you in superquick time.

Using our flexibility, you’re able to rent a water cooler with us anywhere across London and the southeast, and we’ll deliver to you, together with your regular water supplies, at a time that’s convenient to you. Our adaptability means we’ll complete a same day or next day delivery for you if you need it. And our reliability gives you the peace of mind you need that we’ll come through for you.

Why it’s good to rent a water cooler

There are plenty of reasons why it’s good to rent a water cooler. As we said at the top, it’s a great way for you, your colleagues, staff, and visitors to get pure, fresh water that’s convenient and accessible. It will also encourage them to use the cooler more frequently to keep those hydration levels up, keeping everyone alert, productive, and healthy.

But when you rent a water cooler from Thirsty Work, you can take advantage of our service and maintenance packages too. You’ll get all your water bottles, cups, and accessories delivered regularly and on time, together with scheduled services and essential maintenance – or a water cooler replacement – whenever you need it.

And by renting one of our bottled water coolers, they’re also a sustainable choice, helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint from source to delivery.

Contact Thirsty Work today

It makes sense to rent a water cooler, in London or anywhere else – they’re essential in all types of workplaces, big or small, and they can keep your costs right down for real value for money. To find the right water cooler for your business, check our complete Thirsty Work product range.

We may be a new supplier to your area, but that means we work harder to ensure your delivery gets to you faster – with same day or the next day deliveries for every customer.

If you’re being let down by your current supplier, to rent a water cooler in London or around the southeast with Thirsty Work, call our customer service team today on 02080 498 501 or email us at for your free quote or to start your free trial.

Your local Thirsty Work water delivery service covers all areas of North, South, East and West London, and surrounding areas. We aim to deliver water and cup supplies within 2 - 3 working days from your local delivery depot. 

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