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What Is Earth Day And Why Is It Important?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

As environmental ‘awareness days’ go, they don't get much more significant than Earth Day. And while all awareness days largely happen on the same day each year, many of them, no matter how well-known they are, still need to be heavily publicised to raise awareness of the event and its cause. And they don't come much bigger than Earth Day.

What is Earth Day?

As one of the most well-known awareness days, Earth Day now has its roots firmly planted making it a truly global event. Earth Day happens on April 22 every year to show support for the preservation and protection of the natural environment, all around the world. Starting as a USA-led initiative back in 1970, Earth Day now has over 1bn people ready to take action across over 190 countries.

From its humble beginnings of raising awareness about air pollution, Earth Day spread across America and eventually led to the introduction of many new environmental laws being put into place. And since 1990, it’s become annual, raising awareness of the world’s biggest environmental issues of the day. Following past Earth Day themes, including Water For Life, Climate Change, Green Cities, and Environmental And Climate Education, the theme for 2022 is Invest In Our Planet.

The importance of Earth Day

As the world slowly comes to terms with the climate emergency that affects all life on earth, the importance of Earth Day can't be underestimated. The key point of Earth Day is to hold industries, sectors, and governments to account and put pressure on them to make the changes in legislation we need for a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable future.

This is why Earth Day is focused on awareness, education, and activism while working alongside key global partners around the world. And with this global partnership and the millions of people in countries around the world, it means the Earth Day message is being taken seriously and the combined pressure is being acted on, slowly but surely.

What can we do for Earth Day?

As the climate emergency continues, we all need to pull together to find and implement effective green and sustainable resolutions to our current fossil fuel dependence. The onus is on us as consumers and citizens to make our voices heard by governments and big businesses – then pressure from both of those on each other can force change.

Alongside plenty of official events, check out the Earth Day tips for 52 ways to invest in our planet to see what you can do to make a difference, and read all about the work and issues Earth Day focuses on all year round.

Thirsty Work – doing the right thing

Thirsty Work is already doing everything we can to become a more efficient and sustainable company. But we aim to do a lot more as a result of any new government legislation as well as taking the initiative to do the right thing. Read our environmental policy for more information and read our series of blogs for more details on how we’re staying sustainable, reusable, paper-based, efficient, recyclable, responsible, and clean. We choose to support Earth Day 2024 in their Planet vs. Plastics campaign. See how can we help your business with more sustainable drinking water solutions.

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