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What Different Types Of Water Dispensers Are There?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

When you’re looking for a water dispenser for your office, the next question usually starts by asking what type of water dispenser do you actually need. Though you might think one water dispenser is or does the same thing as any other, there are plenty of variations to suit the size of your business and your staff, visitors, and customers. Confused? Let’s take a look at what different types of water dispensers there are and how they can benefit your business.

Bottled Water Dispensers

The classic water dispenser. Ideal for providing instant cool, ambient, or hot water at the pull of a paddle, our portable bottled water dispensers give you complete versatility. Being 100% portable – all you need is a standard 13 amp plug socket nearby – your chosen model can be positioned literally anywhere.

While easily and conveniently placed in high traffic areas, such as open-plan offices, reception areas, waiting rooms, and communal spaces, if you’re tight for space, there’s also a space-saving countertop model that will fit just about anywhere.

Each of our recyclable and reused 18.9 or 13-litre water bottles contain naturally filtered water from our own spring, 60m underneath the Wenlock Edge in North Shropshire. So our bottled water dispensers deliver beautiful tasting, fully-filtered water whenever – and wherever – it’s needed.

Mains Fed Water Dispensers

One of our most popular water dispensers, a mains fed water dispenser does exactly what you think it does: deliver mains water through an in-built, advanced filtration system, to remove any trace plastics and unpleasant tastes and odours that are lurking. Being 100% filtered, your staff, visitors, or customers can all benefit from pure, fresh-tasting water with natural mineral content.

Even though these main fed water dispensers need to be plumbed into your existing water pipes, they’re not limited to being used in office kitchens. One of our fully qualified engineers will run the water supply pipework to wherever it’s needed in a simple, seamless, and quick installation for a constant supply of filtered water. Again, there’s are space-saving countertop models to choose from as well as the full-size, upright models.

Hot Water Dispensers

Helping your business to save time, money, and energy, one of our hot water dispensers will deliver instant hot water, on-demand, at the push of a button. Designed to replace the humble kettle, a hot water dispenser can give you up to 30 litres of 96º hot water every hour – and save you up to £500 a year in the process. Discover a few more reasons why your business should invest in one.

With each freestanding or wall-mounted model using the same advanced filtration system (either fitted or added as an optional extra) it also removes those trace plastics and unpleasant tastes and odours from your main water supply, giving you pure hot water. It can even filter out limescale and other impurities too.

Thirsty Work Water Dispensers

For fully-filtered, great-tasting water for you, your team, and your visitors, a Thirsty Work water dispenser can be a great investment: cost-effective, energy-efficient, and guaranteed to get the seal of approval from your team.

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