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Top 5 Myths About Water Coolers

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Having a water cooler in your office, workplace, gym, or even your home is more common than ever. But even though they’re a popular, efficient, and eco-friendly way to keep everyone hydrated, there are still a few mainstream mistruths that surround them. Let’s get some facts checked and debunk the top 5 myths about water coolers.

Myth 1: Water coolers are expensive

One stumbling block for many people before installing a water cooler is that it will be too expensive with no economic benefit. At Thirsty Work, all our mains fed and bottled water coolers are rented so you have no big costs upfront and minimal costs going forward.

And our service and aftercare gives you free refills, servicing, and maintenance for as long as you have your water cooler, giving you a cost-effective way to get great tasting, filtered water whenever you want it.

Myth 2: Water coolers aren’t safe to use

Water cooler safety is always our top priority. Our spring water passes every microbiology, chemical analysis, taste, and odour test for total safety on every water bottle we deliver. But every cooler, including our mains fed water coolers, also undergoes regular servicing and sanitisation. This includes full cleaning and disinfecting, inside and out, for complete hygiene safety, and we can even add our PuraGuard 24hr antibacterial and antiviral protection to any high-touch parts, like taps.

Myth 3: Water coolers are too big and bulky

If you’re in small premises, you might think a water cooler is the last thing you need taking up valuable floor space. The reality is that, with a footprint of around a foot wide (12”/300mm), one of our watercoolers won’t need much space at all, fitting into the tightest of corners. Alternatively, a compact countertop model will fit conveniently onto a kitchen worktop or office desk.

Myth 4: A water cooler only serves cold water

While it’s true that many water coolers are used for a refreshing hit of cool, fresh water, other temperatures are available. Depending on your model, you can take your pick of water temperature to suit your needs. In a gym, it’s unlikely you’d need anything other than ambient or chilled water, but in an office, chilled and hot water can save time and money on the tea round.

Myth 5: Water coolers aren’t eco-friendly

Water coolers are actually a really sustainable way to get everyone drinking more. Every water cooler bottle is refilled and reused again and again, and when they reach the end of their life, they’re chipped and recycled. You also have a choice between recyclable or biodegradable and compostable paper cups to drink from.

Our mains fed water filters are also fully recyclable and we only use ecologically sound, recyclable packaging materials whenever we can. Plus, our continued investment into ensuring all our systems, processes, and distributions are done in the most environmentally-friendly way possible helps us reduce emissions and keep our annual mileage as low as possible. Find out more in our Are Water Coolers Sustainable? blog.

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