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Top 5 Benefits Of Using Glass Bottles In Your Business

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

In this era of climate awareness, most sectors and industries have got their work cut out in sourcing sustainable and eco-friendly supplies. But in trying to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles used across London's hospitality and leisure industries, as well as workplaces, a move to using glass bottles could be a positive next step to a greener, more sustainable future.

A positive step forward

Recycling, reducing, and reusing as much as we can is now looked at as a global necessity as we battle the climate emergency – especially in high-density cities like London. But it can also be a great boost to your business’s eco-credentials.

Although there’s a low carbon footprint attached to glass bottles, overall, the benefits far outweigh the negatives, such as reducing related air pollution and related water pollution. So using glassware and glass bottles can be a positive next step to reducing the amount of glass created. Here are our top 5 benefits of using glass bottles in your business.

They’re reusable

The crucial thing about glass bottles is that, unlike almost all single-use plastic packaging which is all but useless once the product has been opened or used, glass bottles can be hygienically cleaned and reused over and over again. And in busy London hotels and offices, that can save a serious amount of plastic bottles.

They’re recyclable

Being 100% recyclable means glass bottles can be recycled time after time without losing any material quality and with very little waste. Plus, recycling means it’s not going to landfill and because glass never degrades or decomposes, if it did, it’s thought that it could take up to 1 million years to break down.

They’re contaminate-free

If you reuse a single-use plastic bottle or leave water in one over a length of time, its chemical composition could, eventually, contaminate your water affecting its taste. But, glass is a non-porous material that contains no chemicals so your water can be stored for longer without any effect to taste.

They look smarter

Whether it’s sitting on your desk or board table, your restaurant table, or your hotel room side table, the subtle curves of a glass bottle will always look smarter than any plastic alternatives. Adding a touch of premium class to any proceedings, a glass bottle gives a quality feel over a potentially dented and label-ripped plastic bottle.

They can be branded bottles

As an additional flourish and design feature, Thirsty Work has a range of reusable, refillable, and recyclable branded glass bottles that can feature your company or hotel logo together with a choice of text. Coming in 500ml, 700ml, and 1 Litre sizes, branded glass bottles are a great way to boost your brand.

Environmentally-friendly glass bottles from Thirsty Work

Glass bottles should certainly become the standard for any London business or hotel in the coming years. And to help you overcome ‘that London water taste’, we can even offer you a range of filtered water taps and bottling systems. Connecting to your mains water supply for a choice of still, sparkling, chilled, or ambient water, it gives you the ideal replacement for brand-name bottled water.

For more information on our glass bottles, branded or non-branded, and our filtered water and tap systems, contact our customer service team today by calling 02080 498 501 or emailing us at today for your free quote or to start your 10-day free trial