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Thirsty Work Launches Pura

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By Will Vickery |  Published

Thirsty Work are proud to announce the launch of Pura, which is the hospitality solutions arm of the Thirsty Work family, which provides businesses with premium filtered water systems including our range of taps and bottling systems, to provide businesses with quality chilled, ambient, sparkling and hot filtered water.

Our water systems, are combined with our bespoke filters, which use the latest filtration technology and is able to deliver the highest quality of filtered water by removing trace plastics and reducing scale, chlorine content, bad taste and odour issues.

Simple to use, our Pura systems filter and chill mains water supply to produce both still and sparkling water, which can be dispensed into our personalised branded glass bottles.

Our range of reusable glass bottles are available in a variety of sizes and can be personalised to your branded logo and colours, so you’ll be able to supply your own branded bottles to both staff and customers.

Personalised water bottles present your company as a place that prides itself on health, sustainability and care for the environment. In the hospitality industry, the presence of branded products like water bottles helps to solidify your brand identity in the mind of the customer. With just a few personalised water bottles you’ll be able to promote your brand and have a cost- effective solution for providing refreshments.

To start building your hospitality package, call our Pura consultant on 01392 877172 or email us at