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The Top 5 Water Cooler Myths Debunked

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

We all know that staying hydrated is the key to a healthy body and mind. And as we see record growth in the water cooler sector, adding a water cooler into your workspace or home is one of the best ways to encourage and increase easy hydration. But despite this, there are still misconceptions surrounding water coolers. So let’s get some of the most common myths debunked.

Myth #1: Water coolers are bad for the environment

Fact: Water coolers are actually a proven way to reduce environmental impact.

Being low-energy, a bottled water cooler can cost as little as 10p a day to run and uses clean, green refrigerant gas to provide chilled water. Thirsty Work also uses recyclable or biodegradable and compostable paper cups as standard to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Myth #2: Water cooler water isn’t filtered

Fact: All Thirsty Work water coolers use 100% filtered for great taste and fewer impurities.

Each of our bottled water coolers uses 13 or 18.9-litre water bottles that are filled with naturally-sourced water, pure-filtered through Silurian limestone deep underground from our spring in Shropshire.

But even if you install a mains fed water cooler using water directly from your mains supply, each cooler has an in-built advanced filtration system. Made from recyclable plastic, each filter removes impurities that cause odours and bad tastes and even microplastics down to 0.001mm but keeps in all the natural minerals.

Myth #3: Water coolers need a lot of maintenance

Fact: Every water cooler is designed to be low maintenance with minimal input from the user.

Apart from regularly wiping down high-touch areas such as paddles and cup dispensers, you don't need to worry about the maintenance of your water cooler at all. All servicing, maintenance, sanitisation, and aftercare is included in your package and carried out by our qualified engineers. We’ll even switch out your existing cooler for a brand new model every six months as standard.

Myth #4: Water coolers use chemicals that are bad for you

Fact: Thirsty Work never uses harmful chemicals in any of our supplied bottled water or in any cleaning or sanitisation processes.

Mains fed water coolers use water directly from the mains supply which is already cleaned and treated, passing strict processing tests, while our bottled water is 100% pure and naturally sourced. Any sanitisation products used for internal water cooler cleaning are broken down during the process, leaving no trace, taste, or odour.

Myth #5: Water coolers use too much plastic

Fact: Every cooler is made from recycled plastic and is fully recyclable at the end of its working life.

Water bottles are also cleaned, sanitised, and reused repeatedly until the end of their life when they’re chipped and recycled. Combined, all plastic from every part of the water cooler is recycled and used in a variety of things including playground equipment and outdoor furniture and decking

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There are plenty of myths surrounding water coolers and while some of the most common are debunked here, if you have any others you’ve heard, we’ll be happy to debunk those for you too.

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