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The Next Step In Cleaner, Greener, And More Efficient Water Deliveries

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

The Thirsty Work vehicle fleet is just as crucial to us as it is to each of our customers who rely on their regular water deliveries being on time. So our continued investment in technology, systems, and processes has allowed changes in a key area in our operations to help us drive efficiency, reduce energy, and cut emissions.

Eco-friendly water delivery: Maximum efficiency and reductions

As we look to be as green as possible, we’ve analysed every area of our production and distribution methods. Alongside long-term investment, plus active management and monitoring of our systems, we work with our vehicle fleet providers to make sure we’re at the leading edge of efficient transportation for our customers – and the planet.

That means we can achieve maximum efficiency while reducing the annual mileage and emissions from all our vehicles. This ensures we’re distributing our products and making deliveries in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible, as well as conforming to the highest of standards. So what does all this really mean – and what does it mean for our customers?

Our green delivery initiatives

As an ethical and responsible company, we’re fully committed to constantly reducing all aspects of our environmental impact. From eliminating landfill waste to switching to cleaner, greener refrigerant gases and being the first water cooler company in the UK to provide biodegradable and recyclable cups as standard. But more importantly, we’re reducing our vehicle CO2 emissions.

We’re proud of our environmental record so far. But we have a genuine, open policy of energy reduction which we must continue if, collectively, we want to put the brakes on our global climate emergency. That’s why we’ve introduced the following initiatives across all our vehicles to provide cleaner, greener, and more efficient customer deliveries:

  • Euro 6 Emissions

Each vehicle conforms to the latest Euro 6 European emission standards for light commercial vehicles

  • E10-grade petrol

Where applicable, vehicles use E10 fuel – the new standard petrol grade containing less carbon and more ethanol for cleaner emissions

  • Efficiency tracking

Each vehicle is trackable, ensuring vans are used in the most efficient way, reducing emissions, and meeting strict emissions standards

  • Emergency tracking

Being trackable, vehicles give greater visibility so our Thirsty Work distribution team can see our drivers are safe or if they’re in need of emergency help

  • Intelligent distribution

We have an intelligent distribution and route planning system giving drivers maximum delivery efficiency

While we’ll always review our situation carefully to stay ahead of the game, these initiatives allow us to take bold steps to see every accessory, equipment, and water delivery arrives with you on time, every time, in the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly way possible.

It’s also worth mentioning that as two-thirds of all our customers currently use one of our mains fed water coolers, this actually helps us to reduce our deliveries even further. Have you thought about switching from one of our bottled water coolers?

Go green with Thirsty Work today

To be a part of our green delivery revolution, contact our team today. They’ll make sure you get the right water cooler for your needs together with a service package that works for you. You’ll get a no-obligation, free quote and they can even get you started with a no-risk, 10-day free trial. Call us on 01392 877 172 or email today.