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The Importance Of Hand Sanitiser In The Office

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

In our current COVID world, social distancing, face coverings, and regular hand hygiene are, for now, the new normal for all of us. But as more workplaces are reopening their doors for office-based staff to return, the importance of hand sanitiser in the office has never been higher. So the key to employee health and wellbeing is, literally, in our own hands.

Why is office hand sanitiser so essential?

Long before the current COVID pandemic hit us, it’s been well documented how a standard office space can be a hotbed of germs and bacteria in all the wrong places. Desks, chairs, keyboards, telephones, office printers and copiers, door handles, and almost every surface, all provide a home for millions of microscopic bugs waiting to be transmitted from person to person.

But though COVID is caused by a virus and not bacteria, it has amplified the need for better office hygiene. And since workers have returned to the workplace, many businesses have implemented a regular ‘deep disinfecting clean’ of office and kitchen spaces to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

To match this, the demand for office hand sanitiser has increased massively and is now essential in helping staff and workplace visitors keep even visibly clean hands free from bacteria.

How does hand sanitiser work?

Health experts in the UK and around the world, including the World Health Organisation, agree that regular handwashing with good old soap and warm water is always the best way to reduce germs and bacteria and maintain healthy hand hygiene. But for office staff, this isn’t always practical or the most convenient thing to do.

For that reason, the most highly effective alternative is to use a hand sanitiser that contains at least a 70% alcohol content (most contain between 60-95%). The high alcohol content kills germs and bacteria instantly and is also able to dissolve the coating that surrounds the COVID virus, giving your hands the ultimate protection.

By using a coin-sized amount of gel, foam, or liquid, and rubbing the hand sanitiser into your hands and between your fingers, it’s a fast and effective way to ensure everyone’s hands are clean and germ-free.

Key locations for hand sanitiser

The best way to promote hand hygiene and the use of hand sanitiser in the office is to encourage its use with staff, and making it readily available and easily accessible throughout the building at frequent points. This can include near high-touch surfaces, communal areas, and high-footfall areas such as:

  • At main entrances and exits
  • In staff rooms and communal/kitchen areas
  • In meeting rooms
  • On or near staff desks

Together with regular handwashing with soap and water, the introduction of office hand sanitiser is essential to workplace hygiene. It reduces the risk of bacteria and virus transmission to other people and helps minimise the impact of illness and absenteeism, which is great news for everyone.

Trust Thirsty Work for your office hand sanitiser

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