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The Benefits Of An Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Back in our pre-pandemic ‘normal’ days, hand sanitiser usually played a limited and unassuming role day to day. In businesses and offices around the country, it was generally a rarely used item and we were shaking hands, sharing stationery, and generally carrying on without giving it much thought. How times have changed. Nowadays, office automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are a common feature.

Health and hygiene awareness

Of course, the way we live our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed dramatically. And life after a lockdown has taught us the key message of ‘hands, face, space’ which is now firmly fixed in our minds. But even with a vaccine on the horizon, it’s hoped our new-found awareness of health and hygiene habits will continue, especially the use of hand sanitiser.

Once in short supply after waves of panic buying, hand sanitiser is now widely available – but still much in demand. It’s standard for shops, restaurants, bars, and public spaces to always have a hand sanitiser dispenser at every entrance, as well as inside.

But to be extra cautious, businesses in all sectors are choosing to install automatic zero-touch sanitisers. These dispensers are becoming hugely popular as they give 100% protection while avoiding any unnecessary hand contact. So what are the key benefits of a Thirsty Work automatic hand sanitiser dispenser?

The benefits of an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

Firstly, as the name implies, they’re automatic. The in-built, battery-operated sensors release the sanitising gel directly into the user’s hands for maximum cleaning and protection. It’s also a much quicker way of dispensing the gel and can almost be done without stopping as you walk past it.

Every automatic dispenser will also deliver the ideal amount of sanitiser in every use. Each dose contains a standard amount of 70% alcohol-based sanitising gel with a fresh citrus scent, which is enough to thoroughly clean both hands with no waste.

And, as they’re automatic, they can be used totally contact-free. Whether you choose a freestanding or wall-mounted dispenser, there’s no need to use your hands to push pumps or squeeze bottles, so there’s no mess and no fuss.

Choosing the right dispenser for you

Our whole range of Thirsty Work hand sanitisers gives you different options to suit your business, your staff, and your visitors or customers. Our battery-operated zero contact dispensers come in a choice of freestanding or wall-mounted models and are ideal for high-traffic office or warehouse locations, dispensing 1,200 applications of sanitiser per litre of gel.

We also offer a choice of two, battery-operated Puraguard sanitiser dispensers in two colour options. With stylish good looks, these dispensers offer both function and form, making them a perfect addition for any front of house hospitality areas, foyers, entrances, or receptions.

The slimline Puraguard Mono features one automatic, infrared dispenser, while the Puraguard Duo offers a second, lower, infrared dispenser, making it ideal for children and wheelchair users. Both models also dispense 1,200 applications of sanitiser per litre of gel and are fully freestanding so they can be positioned anywhere or moved at any time.

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