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The 5 Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Although it might seem like a basic, everyday fluid, water is one of the most important nutrients our bodies can consume, as well as being vital for keeping us and everything else alive. Maintaining our hydration is crucial in helping the essential daily functioning of our body, from our brains and our insides to our muscles and joints. Alongside plenty of others, here are just 5 benefits of drinking more water and staying hydrated.

1. It boosts your mental and physical energy

Around 75% of our brain is made up of water, so it makes sense to drink plenty of water to keep your hydration levels up, helping you concentrate, focus, and stay alert. Even a 1-2% loss of fluid to your body can reduce all of these as well as lowering your mood. Plus, drinking water will give you an energy boost to help you through the last part of your day.

2. It regulates your body temperature

Good hydration ensures our bodies can have enough water in reserve to regulate our body temperature. By storing water in our skin layers, we’re able to sweat which keeps us cool in warmer weather or during exercise. Besides drinking more water, there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself hydrated in warmer weather and avoid heat exhaustion.

3. It creates saliva, mucous, and tears

Water is crucial to lots of things our body does (or produces) that we don’t really think about. One of those things is saliva. With water being its main component, it helps us chew, swallow, and digest our food, and keep a healthy mouth. While your body produces saliva naturally, if your hydration levels are low, it may slow down, giving you a dry mouth and making it harder to masticate and swallow.

4. It helps carry oxygen through your body

Our blood is around 90% water which contains other substances. With the water content being so high, it helps carry oxygen and nutrients through every part of our body, ensuring our essential organs, tissues, and muscles get what they need to function properly. If your hydration levels drop, blood has a harder job of delivering those essentials.

5. It keeps muscles and joints lubricated

The connective tissue, or cartilage, found in all our joints and spinal discs is around 80% water, so good hydration means they’re kept healthy and spongy, absorbing every shock and reducing joint pain which could lead to arthritis. And water also delivers essential nutrients to our muscles to help keep them flexible and maintain performance during exercise or sport.

There’s a heap of other benefits that water hydration delivers too, including good heart health, keeping skin supple, preventing kidney damage, and helping to disperse the vitamins and minerals we take in through our food.

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