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How to Take Care of Your Instant Hot Water Dispenser

By Will Vickery |  Published

Wondering how to take care of your instant hot water dispenser? Well find out our expert advice in this blog.

As a local supplier of Water Coolers and Instant Hot Water Dispenser our range of hot water dispensers are incredibly effective and a must have for any office or workplace. In a busy environment where no one has the time to wait for a kettle, an instant hot water dispenser can be a valuable time saver as well as a cost saver and a much safer option. Find out how much money you could save with our hot water boiler saver calculator. So, with an instant hot water dispenser, you can have great fresh tasting water at the perfect temperature for all your favourite hot drinks.

As part of our service we will regularly come to service and clean your hot water dispenser. But if you also want to take care of your hot water dispenser, are you wondering how you do it? Or what to do if your instant hot water dispenser is out of regular use? Well find out our advice on these topics below.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Out Of Regular Use 

In most circumstances, a Hot Water Dispenser is used virtually every day. However, if the boiler is situated in an office or workplace that are closed for long periods, e.g. more than a week, we would recommend the following:

  • Before the long period away begins we would recommend switching off the Hot Water Dispenser.
  • Then on return we would recommend that any stale water within the dispenser is drawn down to tap level and discarded.
  • Then switch the dispenser back on and allow it to heat and refill.
  • Finally draw done the replenished water a second time to ensure the tank is flushed through.

By following this process, you will ensure that your instant hot water dispenser is well cared for and maintained.

Keeping Your Hot Water Dispenser Clean

  • When cleaning the external surface DO NOT use an abrasive material as this will scratch your Hot Water Dispenser.
  • Empty the front drip tray regularly.
  • Wipe the draw off tap each day to keep clean and prevent lime-scale deposits building up around the tap outlet.

By following these processes, you will ensure that your Instant Hot Water Dispenser will stay clean and well maintained.

But do remember that as part of the Thirsty Work service whether your a local SME or a big corporation in the city we will come out to service and clean your Hot Water Dispenser regularly and as a qualified British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) member who is independently audited against their own quality standards, you can be sure that we will deliver one of the best services within the industry.

If you would like to find out more on how to care of your instant hot water dispenser, or any other enquires that you may have then don’t hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to help you out.