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Spring Water Or Purified Water – Which Is Best?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

The importance of drinking water regularly throughout the day should never be underestimated. Staying hydrated improves your concentration and productivity levels at work and keeps your essential organs fighting fit and healthy. But there are many variations of bottled water available, with two including ‘spring water’ or ‘purified water’ – so which is best?

What is spring water?

Spring water comes directly from a natural, underground water source known as an aquifer, with layers of permeable rock containing high mineral content groundwater. To be classed as ‘spring water’, the water doesn’t go through the traditional mains water system of processing and chemical treatment.

There are strict regulations in place to ensure the water is 100% pure, drinkable, and bottled at source. Spring water is often considered as ‘the best’ water to drink as it contains those vital, natural nutrients our bodies need.

According to the website, underground water is only classed as ‘spring water’ if:

  • it comes from an underground source that’s bottled at a natural or drilled exit
  • it’s free from bacteria that can cause disease
  • the source is protected from pollution

What is purified water?

Purified water can come from multiple sources which has been treated to remove all bacteria and impurities and ‘purified’ to make it safe to drink. Typically, purified water will contain fewer natural minerals, as the treatment will strip many of them out while adding more chemicals required for safe drinking.

There are occasions when purified water can be ‘extra treated’ to make it suitable for use in a range of different sectors, including the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. This involves taking mains-treated water and taking it through a reverse osmosis process to remove trace contaminants before going through deionising and UV treatment processes.

Water filtration is key

So which is best? The key to both spring and purified water is filtration. While spring water has been naturally filtered through underground aquifers, purified water also goes through a strict treatment and filtration process for purity. So both are excellent sources of hydration, but while purified water is classed as ‘pure’, spring water can be better for you.

Thirsty Work takes great pride in owning its own natural source spring near Wenlock Edge in Shropshire. Our spring water, used for all our bottled water coolers, filters naturally through the layers of limestone rock, giving it a unique blend of minerals for a refreshing, sweet taste.

And, while plumbed in to use standard mains water, our mains fed water coolers have an additional advanced water filtration system built right in. These recyclable filters are capable of serious water filtration that take out even more impurities than the standard water treatment process leaving you with water that’s cleaner and better tasting overall.

Pure spring water from Thirsty Work

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