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Saving Office Space with A Countertop Water Cooler

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By Will Vickery |  Published

Whether your a local SME or a big corporation in Bristol, London etc. you are likely to be looking for a way to save office space? Well find out how you could save space with one of our countertop water coolers. 

Space comes at a rather large premium these days and as your business continues to grow and you recruit more employees that space greatly reduces, so any space saving strategies can add great value to your business. The options are often limited with a water dispenser because it needs to be within easy reach of an electrical socket. However, there is a solution for you: a countertop water dispenser.

Why choose a countertop water cooler?

A lot of people would usually think that by opting for a smaller model you are opting for a sub-standard product, but think again. At Thirsty Work, our countertop water coolers are the same as a floor standing water dispenser, just without the column.

In recent years, with streamlined technology, water coolers have become far less cumbersome in design and appearance making them a much more attractive product to have in your office without taking up too much space. A countertop water cooler packs the same power and punch as a floor standing water cooler, it is just that the internal mechanism of the countertop water dispenser is arranged slightly differently, so that the column is not needed.

Same capacity just smaller packaging

With a countertop water cooler, you are getting the same capacity as a floor standing machine. This still allows you to dispense the same volume of water meaning you can keep your staff well hydrated, ultimately leading to better productivity and performance, whilst being able to save office space.

The smaller packaging allows you to place our counter top water dispenser on your kitchen countertops or a table resulting in you saving floor space and making it a great office space saving strategy for your business whilst being able to continue your support of your staffs’ health and wellbeing by keeping them hydrated.

Just as stylish

We admit there is something attractive and appealing to the eye of a floor standing water cooler, but when it is wedged between a filing cabinet and the office printer, its stylish appeal may be somewhat lost. Our countertop water coolers are all delightful and stylish in appearance. The clean fresh appeal of our countertop machines is available in a crisp white or understated black, which will create a look that means any workplace would be proud to have it sat on a worktop in the reception, office, kitchen or boardroom.

Easier to move

Countertop water dispensers do everything that floor standing ones can, but one thing that our countertop water coolers do so much better is movability. If you ever want to move the water dispenser about, the counter top option is worth a second look. For example, you may have it perched on a countertop in the kitchen area but with a board meeting looming, you can always transport it to the meeting room to ensure that everyone stays hydrated and focused without taking up a large amount of space in the meeting room or anywhere else in the workplace.

A number of different options

What would you like? Ambient and chilled water? Or even a Instant Hot Water Dispenser for all those cup of tea and coffee? Or potentially you would like a selection of different machines for your workplace?

Don’t think that by opting for a countertop machine that you are limited by what machine you can have, because at Thirsty Work we have countertop bottled coolers, main fed coolers and hot water dispensers. Our large range of water dispensers will allow you to select a machine to match your requirements whilst enjoying the space saving benefits that a countertop machine has to offer.

If saving office space is a concern of yours and you are already a current customer of ours then another option would be to upgrade your machine from a bottled machine to a main fed unit. This would be a great space saving strategy because it would mean that there was no storage of water bottles and it is a smaller unit without the bottle on the top, resulting in it saving more office space.

As you can see having a countertop water dispenser as numerous benefits, but the biggest benefit being that it will help you to save more office space. To find out more information on our range of countertop water coolers and hot water boilers check out our product page.

If you have any further questions about anything then don’t hesitate to contact us because we would be happy to help. We aim to deliver water and cup supplies within 2 - 3 working days from your local delivery depot.