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Recyclable Water Cooler Filtration For Fewer Impurities And More Taste

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Drinking water and staying hydrated is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So if we’re drinking more of it, it should be the best tasting water we can get, shouldn’t it? With differences in how tap water tastes up and down the country, only pure, filtered water can give you the fresh taste you’re looking for. So how do our Thirsty Work filters work and how eco-friendly are they?

Advanced water filtration technology

Providing pure, fresh, filtered water is what we do best at Thirsty Work and at the heart of that are the internal water filters themselves. Of course, our 18.9 and 13-litre water bottles for our bottled water coolers are filled with naturally filtered water that’s come from our underground spring source. But what about our mains fed water coolers?

All our mains fed water coolers are plumbed into your mains water supply by our qualified engineers, so you’re already taking advantage of tap water that’s been cleaned and treated by your water supplier. But even though the water is 100% safe to drink, small amounts of bacteria and odours can still make their way through the water supply to your tap.

The filters we add into each of the coolers use advanced filtration technology to give you an even cleaner taste while removing any contaminants, sediment, and trace plastics that may still be lurking – especially important if your building still has toxic lead piping or solder. Read more about how your mains fed water cooler filtration works.

So what about the filter’s green credentials? As with every aspect of our operations, we aim to be as green, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable as possible, from our packaging to our parts. And our filters are no different – for a start, with a filter in your cooler, it means we have to make fewer water deliveries, so reducing carbon emissions and energy.

100% recyclable water filters

With a range of Pura filters used in our water coolers, the housing of most of them is made from recyclable plastic materials. Even the filters included (either as standard or as an optional extra) inside our hot water dispensers deliver pure, 96º hot water.

This not only gives all of them a strong, durable and long-lasting life inside your cooler or hot water dispenser, but it also makes them 100% recyclable when they need to be replaced.

But our high-capacity Pura 500, Pura 3000, and Pura 6000 plastic filters can all be returned to the manufacturer where the ultra-filtration cartridges inside them can be switched out, replaced, and recycled quickly and easily while the housing carries on doing its job.

Eco-friendly water filtration

By using these advanced water filtration systems, it means each of our water coolers and hot water dispensers uses yet another fully recyclable part to make them as clean, efficient, and eco-friendly as possible – all while delivering great tasting, pure-filtered water. To find out more about our filters and our recycling policy, or to start your no-risk, 10-day free water cooler trial, call us today on 01392 877 172 or email today.