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Reasons Why Water Coolers Are A More Hygienic Solution

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

When it comes to life’s daily essentials, things don’t get much more important than water and having access to clean, safe drinking water is a priority for everyone. But while standard tap water goes through a thorough cleaning process before we drink it, water coolers can be a much more hygienic solution all round.

Full hygiene and sanitisation

The boom in installing a workplace water cooler, together with the increased water cooler safety checks that come with them, means they can be safely used daily by multiple people.

To start with, our own natural Cornish spring water passes all microbiology, chemical analysis, taste, and odour tests. So every sip of our bottled water guarantees you’re drinking pure, natural, great-tasting spring water every time. But another essential ingredient for any water cooler is ensuring the unit is sanitised inside and out, and regularly maintained for maximum taste and hygiene.

Our own Thirsty Work maintenance and superior sanitisation programme follows guidelines that ensure it’s done thoroughly and effectively. Both our bottled water coolers and mains fed water coolers undergo a full sanitisation process every 6 months in every customer location, completed by our WHA qualified engineers.

Why is sanitisation important?

This thorough and straightforward sanitisation includes a full cleaning and disinfecting process using specialist cleaners and a complete system flush. It’s carried out on any internal surfaces that are in contact with or near to the water supply, including water reservoirs and pipework, rubber seals, valves, and taps.

The same process is used on our mains fed water coolers too. The only difference being that it includes a change of water filter so you always have the highest standard of filtration from your mains water supply. Every service also includes the external cleaning and disinfecting of the cooler, including the drip tray and cup dispenser.

This water cooler safety is crucial. Without thorough sanitisation, you can risk chemical contamination from a lack of effective rinsing, as well as microbiological contamination from a lack of overall cleanliness. Setting this sanitising process in stone from day one, you really can take advantage of a more hygienic process.

Extra housekeeping

External cleaning and system flushes can also be increased by customers themselves – especially during these COVID times – by using a food-safe disinfectant spray or wipes, ensuring cleanliness by:

  • daily cleaning of the unit, panels, and taps
  • weekly emptying and cleaning of the drip tray
  • monthly cleaning of any ventilation airways

For more information on ‘quick-clean’ hygiene maintenance, our previous blog gives you tips on the best way to clean and disinfect your water cooler. But there’s another proven way to ensure 365/24/7 water cooler safety and protection – even before you start using it.

24/7 Puraguard hygiene

With total antibacterial & antiviral protection, PuraGuard works by coating the taps on your water cooler – the highest of high-touch components on any dispenser. Virtually invisible, the special antimicrobial coating gives you 24hr protection against bacteria, mould, fungi, and viruses - including Coronavirus.

After every touch, 80% of microbes are killed within 15 minutes and are 99.9% gone after 2 hours. With all bacteria gone, PuraGuard makes for an extra clean, safe, and hygienic experience for everyone.

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