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Pura Guard: Keeping Your School Safe And Hydrated

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Engaging with kids in schools is essential when you’re encouraging them towards leading a healthy diet and lifestyle. Together with the importance of well-balanced meals and regular exercise and activities, keeping them hydrated with cool, fresh water can be vital to their mental and physical wellbeing. But water cooler safety and cleanliness is crucial to keeping schools safe.

Staying hydrated in schools

We know that regularly drinking water throughout the day helps to keep kids stay focused, alert, and performing to the best of their abilities – and that goes for the staff too! Even drinking just a small amount of water can help to improve cognitive performance, including short-term memory, attention span, and reaction times.

By installing Thirsty Work mains-fed water coolers or bottled water coolers in and around high-traffic areas in your school, as well as in staff rooms, common rooms, and canteens, you can help promote the regular drinking of spring or filtered water instead of kids being tempted by sugar-loaded fizzy, soft or juice drinks.

So while it’s essential for everyone to stay hydrated during the day, water cooler safety and cleanliness in schools will come under the spotlight the more they’re used. While we’ve already written about the best way to clean and disinfect your water cooler day to day or after any period of inactivity, you can now go the extra step and give your water cooler taps extra Pura Guard protection.

What is Pura Guard?

Launched by Thirsty Work back in July 2020, Pura Guard is a revolutionary antimicrobial coating for your water cooler taps. As well as giving 24hr continued protection against any unseen bacterial and viral germs that can be picked up and transferred from person to person, Pura Guard actually prevents them from growing back by effectively killing 80% of these microbes within 15 minutes and up to 99.99% within two hours.

Pura Guard works by adding a one-off invisible layer of the ground-breaking silver ion coating to your dispenser’s taps, prior to delivery. When your cooler is in place and being used, the coating immediately gets to work destroying any bacterial and viral microbes left behind each time the taps are touched.

After rigorous testing to BS ISO 21702:2019 standards, Pura Guard has proven to be effective against bacteria including fungi, MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, influenza – even the coronavirus which is a threat to all of us.

By leaving the surface of dispenser taps clean and hygienic 24/7, Pura Guard will keep your water coolers – and your school – cleaner and safer for longer.

Try Pura Guard today

Alongside the Pura Guard protection and regular cleaning of your water cooler, when you join us you can also take advantage of our comprehensive service package. Every six months, our WHA-qualified engineers will visit you to carry out a full service and keep on top of your water cooler safety by super-sanitising and cleaning them to the highest standards.

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