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Need a short-term water cooler rental for summer? Get set up today!

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

If your business, school, or public space isn’t taking advantage of the many healthy and hydrating benefits a water cooler can give everyone, now is the perfect time to try. If you’re undecided, taking out a short-term, water cooler rental for the summer could be enough to convince to you carry on using one beyond the summer and all year round.

The benefits of drinking water

The health benefits of drinking water regularly and staying hydrated all year round are undeniable. Healthy heart, kidneys, and liver, better skin, lubricated joints, hydrated muscles, and good digestion are just some of the benefits water can give you. Alongside keeping your staff productive, alert, and improving their concentration at work of course.

But staying hydrated through the summer is even more crucial. Even the mildest of summers can dehydrate people quickly, so when it gets really hot, drinking enough water is vital, at home or at work. But it’s often easy to forget to drink enough. By starting a short-term water cooler rental over the summer, you’ll have a constant supply of filtered water and you’ll see those benefits first-hand, especially at work.

How does a short-term, water cooler rental work?

Getting your premises fitted with a short-term, water cooler rental over summer couldn’t be easier. So how does it work? It’s as simple as starting your no-obligation free trial with us – this could be for either one of our bottled water coolers or one of our mains fed water coolers.

One of our team will then contact you to have a chat about your company or organisation, your expected usage and how many people will be using your water cooler day to day, and to arrange delivery and installation to your premises on an agreed day at a time that suits you.

Your Thirsty Work engineer will then join you for a full delivery and installation. They’ll bring everything you’ll need including a refillable 18.9 or 13-litre water bottle (if you choose a bottled water cooler) and a supply of recyclable or biodegradable and compostable paper cups.

You’ll also benefit from a full introductory session on how your cooler works, how to operate it, and how to change the bottle (if necessary). You’ll also be given details on how to contact us directly (speaking to a real person!) should need help or have any other questions. And that's the whole process.

Start your short-term, water cooler rental with Thirsty Work today!

Once it’s installed, the water cooler is free for you to use and enjoy as you wish for your 10-day trial period. But once we tell you about the cost-effective rental terms, the details of our guaranteed deliveries and service packages, and our personal customer service, we’re convinced you’ll stay with us so you and your team can enjoy great-tasting, pure-filtered water every day.

For more information, contact our customer service team on 01392 877 172 or email to get set up today. We’re ready for you to take your water cooler and trial it, love it, and keep it!