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Is Dry January Actually Healthy For You?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

The start of a new year always brings resolutions for many of us. It’s a natural time to discard some of our bad habits and usher in new ways of living our daily lives. For many, Dry January is a perfect place to start: abstaining from the alcoholic overindulgences of the festive season and giving your body a well-earned detox. But is Dry January actually healthy for you?

A dry and healthy January

For many of us, a relaxing glass of wine or a couple of beers is a great way to unwind after work. But when December rolls around, it can feel a bit like a rollercoaster of festive parties, socials, and family gatherings, all with celebratory drinks being the common theme.

So after several weeks of extravagance, Dry January might be the incentive you’re looking for, giving you a chance to cleanse your body in the new year and raise awareness of alcohol dependence. So alongside more exercise and a better diet, going without any alcohol for a month is certainly good for your health. But does Dry January deliver any other health benefits for you? The answer is absolutely ‘yes’ - let’s take a look…

Better sleep

It’s a fact that alcohol dehydrates you, so when you go to bed after a night out, the alcohol is still in your system. This leads to low-quality sleep with a decrease in deep REM sleep and feeling tired and lethargic the next day. So with no alcohol in your system, you can get the quality sleep your body needs. Read our top tips on how to avoid dehydration if you do have a drink.

Better mood

With better sleep comes a better mood and more energy during the day. And with the added bonus of no headache or feeling grotty for a good portion of the day, you’ll rediscover your zest for life and feel much better. Alcohol UK says that “70% of Dry January participants have better sleep and 66% have more energy” so it’s a great time to build on that and find things to do that can feed on your newfound energy and heightened mood.

Better Skin

Alcohol is a diuretic which means you can’t retain your drinks like you can when you drink water. That leads to faster dehydration as you have fewer fluids inside you to work their restorative magic. A natural by-product of dehydration is dry or bad skin while alcohol contains toxins that can speed up your skin’s ageing process.

Better immune system

While it might take real alcohol addiction to damage your immune system, binge drinking at festive parties or gatherings might cause your immune system to be less effective over a period of time. A dry January, alongside a healthy and balanced diet, could give it a boost. Not such a bad idea in cold and flu season.

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