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Hydration Hacks – 10 Ways to Drink More Water

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

As a Water Cooler Supplier we understand the importance of staying hydrated, but do you? 

We all know that drinking water has numerous benefits such as increasing our energy, productivity and boosting our immune system, but are you drinking the right amount of water every day? We are recommended to drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day, however many of us do not find it easy drinking this amount throughout the day. If you fall in this group, then here are 10 hydrations hacks to help you increase your water intake.

Top Hydration Hack Tips

Start Every Day with at Least One Glass

Make drinking water one of the first things you do in the morning. When you wake up your body is naturally dehydrated, so having a glass of water first thing will help to rehydrate you, flush out any toxins and boost your metabolism for the day, making it the perfect start to the day. You will soon find drinking a glass of water every morning will become a habit, resulting in you drinking more water each day.

Make Water More Easily Accessible

The more convenient you make it for yourself to drink water, the more consistently you’ll do it.  There are numerous ways you can make water more accessible from having a water cooler in your office to keeping a reusable water bottle in your bag so you can re-fill it on the go. Another way is you should try having a glass of water near you always, whether you’re in bed, working at your desk or watching Netflix. You will soon find yourself drinking more water everyday if you try this hydration hack.

Drink Tea

Herbal teas are another great way to stay hydrated when you don’t feel like water, or you want something warm. Herbal teas are great as they don’t dehydrate you like green and black tea do, but still allows you to drink a nice cup of tea whilst hydrating yourself at the same time. So, this is a great hydration hack for all you tea lovers.

Eat Foods Rich in Water

This is a delicious way of increasing the volume of water you take daily. You should try increasing the number of vegetables and fruits which are rich in water content that you eat each day, as they don’t just have great nutritional value but also help to keep you well hydrated. Some great fruit and vegetables for this include watermelon, cucumber, zucchini and grapefruit.

Add Taste to Your Water

Sometimes, drinking just water every day can be hard. So why not add some flavour to your water? You could add herbs such as mint or lavender or add fresh fruits such as strawberries, lemon and grapefruit. This hydration hack will make drinking water a much more tastier experience, therefore meaning you will be able to increase you water intake.

Have a Filter

Perhaps you have also found that filtered water usually tastes better than water coming out of the tap. If this is the case you could try drinking water through a filter water bottle or drinking water from one of our water coolers, as this will make the water taste a lot better, allowing you to drink more water so you can stay well hydrated.  

Follow up every Coffee, Juice, Soda and Tea with Water

For every non-water beverage, you drink throughout the day, make sure to follow it with a glass of or two of water. This will help to dilute and flush out any sugars, caffeine or preservatives they may have but also subsequently result in you drinking more water.

Make Mineral or Sparkling Water your choice over Fizzy Drinks

Making a choice to pick mineral or sparkling water over fizzy drinks in those situations where you crave a cold drink will make a significant difference to your water intake levels. By making this adjustment you will find being able to drink the recommended amount of water a lot easier.

Set Goals and Keep Track

By setting yourself a target and keeping track of how much water you are drinking, you will find yourself becoming more aware of just how much you are drinking. Setting a target, will motivate you to drink more water as you will want to reach the goal which will give you the satisfaction of achieving the target whilst keeping yourself well hydrated.

 Making Mental Triggers

Try drinking water every time you send an email, go to the bathroom or finish a phone call. This will create an association of drinking water when you do these routines, which will increase the likelihood of it becoming a habit and therefore you will find yourself naturally drinking more water.

The above hydration hacks will help you to stay hydrated which will cause you to sleep better, have more energy, digest easier and think clearer and therefore will certainly change your life for the better.

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