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How to stay healthy in the summer heat

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By Will Vickery |  Published

As temperatures begin to rise, as we enter the summer months, people begin to send off warning bells to everyone to start taking precautions for heatwaves and summer related woes. Despite the sudden panic, it is important that we all start to take care of ourselves to ensure that our health doesn’t suffer. So in this blog I thought I would share some essential tips on how to beat the heat this summer and stay healthy.

Hydrate and Hydrate

This is often considered as the most important aspect when trying to remain healthy in the summer heat. Staying hydrated is crucial during the summer because it ensures that your body maintains a consistent level of water allowing bodily functions to continue functioning. As the temperature increases, it results in excessive sweating, which reduces energy levels and electrolytes from your body. So to stay hydrated, I would recommend carrying a refillable water bottle with you, as this will prompt you to consistently drink enough water throughout the day and stay hydrated.

Eat Regularly, but Eat Light

The summer heat can tend to reduce one’s appetite. But it is important for you to eat the required amount of food in order to feed your body the nutrients it needs to fight the heat and keep you healthy. The best way to do this when it is hot, is to eat small amounts regularly, as this will allow you to feed your body with the nutrients it needs without becoming too full.

Cold Water Showers

One of the quickest ways to cool down is to step into a cold shower. This is a great way to make you feel refreshed and re-energised in the summer heat. A cold shower before bed is also considered a great method to help you sleep better during a hot night, which is going to result in you being healthier and more energised during the summer months.

Switch off those lights

Too many electric bulbs and lights in the room tend to heat up the temperature. Combining this factor with well insulated, concrete housing can cause UK houses to become incredibly hot during the summer often making it uncomfortable for people. So turning off the lights when they are not needed, can significantly help to reduce the temperature in your home.

Put Sun Cream on

It’s something that we all know is important, but often people can overlook it, and that is putting sum cream on. Becoming sun burnt is really damaging for one’s health and can also cause someone pain and discomfort for a period of time. Therefore, putting sun cream on will avoid the risk of being burnt and allow you to stay healthy during the summer months.

Wear Loose Clothes

Needless to say to stay cool you need to wear loose clothes so that there is good air circulation. Ditch your synthetic dresses and trousers and stick to cotton. This will help you stay cool during those hot days which will allow for better performance during the day.

Don’t Exert Yourself

Physical activity is essential for good health, but during the summer, make sure that you don’t over exert yourself. You need your energy levels to keep active and healthy during the summer months. Also remember to stay well hydrated.  

By implementing a few of these strategies you should be able to see your health and performance improve throughout the hot summer months.

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