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How to Change a Water Cooler Bottle

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By Will Vickery |  Published

When businesses are looking to purchase a bottled water cooler, one of the main concerns for the staff is about the process of changing the water cooler bottles. But with a little bit of preparation and understanding, they need not be. Changing a bottle from the water cooler is a very straightforward and simple process that will only take a matter of minutes, but it is one that is critical to ensuring that yourself, colleagues and clients have continuous access to clean fresh tasting water.   

Changing The Water Cooler Bottle 


When moving the new water bottle to the cooler, it is important to remember that both 13 litre and 19 litre bottles will be heavy to move. So, when moving the bottles, you need to ensure that you are fit enough to be able to lift the bottles. Once you have bought the bottle to the cooler it is time for the next step.

Remove the old bottle

Before removing the old bottle, you will want to make sure that it is empty first because if it is slightly filled you’ll end up splashing water everywhere. If the bottle is almost empty then its time to move to the next step. To remove the bottle from the cooler, grab the handle and lift the bottle straight up from the cooler, by doing this the bottle will be removed from the cooler. Once the bottle has been removed, place it in a safe and accessible spot so that our drivers will be able to collect the empty bottles on your next delivery.

Put the new bottle on

First you need to remove the sticker label that is on the lid of the bottle. Then to lift the bottle onto the cooler, you’ll want to get yourself into a strong position with your feet shoulder width apart, straight back and squatting down. Next you need to place one hand on the neck of the bottle and place the other on the handle of the bottle. Stand up slowly using your legs to push up, and as you lift the bottle up place the neck of the bottle into the machine. If the water begins to flow into the machine then that means that the bottle is secured.

By following the steps above, you can ensure that you know how to change the bottles on your water cooler, safely and efficiently. In future, this will allow you to be able to provide clients and colleagues with high quality, cool refreshing water on tap. Keeping your water cooler well stocked up is a great way to cultivate a professional atmosphere and keep everyone hydrated.

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