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How Often Should Your Water Cooler Be Serviced And Sanitised?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Wherever you install your water cooler and however much it’s used, it will guarantee you glass after glass of refreshing, pure-filtered cool or ambient water that’s superior to standard tap water in London or the south-east. But your water cooler needs to be kept in tip-top condition with regular servicing and sanitisation to keep that level of taste and freshness. With everyone doing their best to maintain their 6-8 glasses of water a day habit, keeping a clean, safe water cooler is a priority. So how often should your water cooler be serviced?

Weekly, monthly, or six-monthly?

One of the best things about having an installed bottled water cooler or mains fed water cooler is that they take very little day-to-day maintenance to keep them running at their best. But, like any other appliance, giving them a little extra TLC is always a good idea. You can do several daily and monthly tasks to keep your water cooler ticking over before having a deep, sanitising clean and full service every six months.

Water cooler daily clean

It’s always a good idea to keep your water cooler clean and safe to use all the time – no one wants to use one that looks dirty or unhygienic. So consider wiping over any high-touch, hi-germ areas like the taps, cup dispenser, and drip tray every day with a food-safe sanitising wipe or two to get rid of any visible marks, dirt – and all bacteria.

Water cooler monthly clean

Your daily clean will do wonders for general daily use, but you can take it a step further with a monthly clean in six easy steps. It involves draining your water cooler of all the water in its system before flushing it through with clean, fresh water. Together with a daily clean, you can remove any build-up of dirt and bacteria outside – and inside – your water cooler.

Monthly cleaning is a good idea anyway, but it’s especially good to do it if your water cooler hasn't been in use for several weeks, such as after a Christmas shutdown.

Water cooler six-monthly service

While your daily and monthly cleans will keep your water cooler clean and hygienic, it’s best practice to have your water cooler fully serviced every six months. Carried out by a qualified Thirsty Work engineer, a full water cooler service will give you the essential maintenance required for your water cooler, together with a complete sanitisation programme, inside and out.

And if you have a mains fed water cooler, the service will include replacing the in-built filtration system so you can continue having that fully-filtered taste every time. But if the south-east’s hard water creates too much of a build-up of calcium and other mineral deposits, we’ll replace your water cooler unit completely, no questions asked.

A full service from Thirsty Work

Our engineers will carry out your full service and sanitisation as part of your service and maintenance programme, as standard. And, of course, you still receive higher-quality customer service where you can speak directly to one of our team and take advantage of guaranteed-timed deliveries and call-outs that are the fastest in the industry, wherever you are in London or the south-east.

For more information on our service and maintenance packages, our super-fast deliveries, or to start your free, 10-day water cooler trial, call the team today on 02080 498 501 or email us at