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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Water Cooler In London?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

With water cooler rental at an all-time high across London and the southeast, finding the right supplier for your business can prove to be a difficult choice. But if you’re looking to rent a water cooler for the first time, or perhaps even change from your existing supplier, how much does rental cost – and are you getting the best value?

Rental value

Whether you’re working in the office, going to the gym, visiting the doctor, or even taking your car for an MOT anywhere around London, the chances are you’ll see – and use – a water cooler. And if you own or run any of those businesses, you’re probably renting your water cooler to give you the best deal financially.

In most cases, long-term renting of anything is often seen as ‘dead money’. But renting your water cooler is a true exception to the rule. And by renting from Thirsty Work in London or the southeast, you could be getting the best service, price – and value – all round.

A water cooler in London for less than £1 a day

As a customer-led business, our focus is always on delivering excellent products and service while giving you the best price. Combined, it means Thirsty Work is the best value service provider in London and the southeast for water cooler rentals – bar none. So how do we break down this value and turn it into tangible benefits?

The needs of every business are different and that includes your water cooler choices. This is why, alongside our standard rental packages, we can offer you a custom package that suits you, your business, and your staff or visitors – all for less than £1 per day – and it includes:

  • Service and maintenance packages

We tailor our service and maintenance packages to suit you and your water cooler usage. That way, your cooler gets the service, sanitisation, and filter replacements it needs for pure, fresh water all the time. 

  • Mains fed or bottled water coolers

We have a full range of mains fed water coolers or bottled water coolers, in both freestanding and countertop models, giving you maximum choice and installation options wherever you need them.

  • Free delivery and installation

We deliver and install your water cooler – for free – anywhere in London or the southeast for you. If you choose a mains fed model, our engineers will run the water supply to where it’s needed and complete a seamless installation for you.

  • Regular water bottle deliveries

Companies being let down by their supplier is a real problem. We’re agile enough to adapt to your schedule so we deliver your bottled water, together with your recyclable or biodegradable cups, and any other accessories you need, all within 24-hours – guaranteed.

  • Water cooler rental from Thirsty Work

When it’s time for your to change or start renting a water cooler in London or the southeast, the value you’ll get from Thirsty Work is second to none. So for the best value water cooler service provider, contact Thirsty Work today.

Call our customer service team on 02080 498 501 or email us at and get your free quote or start your free trial.

Your local Thirsty Work water delivery service covers all areas of North, South, East and West London, and surrounding areas. We aim to deliver water and cup supplies within 2 - 3 working days from your local delivery depot. 

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