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How Does Your Mains Fed Water Cooler Filtration Work?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

With a mains fed water cooler in your office, you and your staff and visitors are guaranteed great tasting, fully-filtered water with every pull of the tap. And, by keeping everyone properly hydrated and refreshed, it’s no secret that this type of water cooler is more popular than ever. But how does that water cooler filtration work – and does it make a difference?

What is a mains fed water cooler?

Our mains fed water coolers work in much the same way as standard bottled water coolers, with both requiring a standard wall socket to power the heating or cooling element inside. The main difference between them is a mains fed cooler is plumbed in directly to your mains water supply, rather than using removable water bottles.

Though a more permanent version of its bottled water cooler cousin, in as much as it can’t easily be moved whenever you might want to, mains fed water coolers can still offer water that’s been fully filtered. While using standard mains water, it’s the built-in advanced water cooler filtration system that gives it a clean, fresh taste every time.

How does the water cooler filtration system work?

Depending on where you live or work, your tap water might seem to have a particular taste. Though it’s completely safe, it’s often a contributing factor to people installing water coolers in their offices, or even at home. But tap water’s ‘taste’ won’t be an issue with a mains fed dispenser as the water passes through its filtration system.

Every mains fed cooler from Thirsty Work has a water filter fitted inside, differing slightly according to your chosen cooler model. Each works in the same way, filtering the water instantly as the mains water leaves the pipework and passes through the cooler’s system before it reaches your cup, leaving you with pure, fresh water.

What can water cooler filters remove?

Using a system of mechanical and carbon filtration, each of our Pura500, Pura3000, and Pura6000 filters has the capacity to reduce potentially harmful contaminants and sediment, as well as chlorine content, from the mains water supply.

On top of that, each filter can remove any trace plastics that could be in your water to a size of 1micron – that’s 0.001mm in size – and eliminate any of those bad taste and odour issues. And, if pipework in your home or office building is pre-1970, there’s a chance lead pipes or lead solder may be in place. Our Pura10000L filter can also remove any traces of lead in the water to a size of 0.9 microns, as well as filtering out everything else.

Whatever filter your cooler uses, the one thing all our water cooler filtration systems do is to keep the trace minerals found in the water supply, including calcium, magnesium and potassium. So the water you drink still has the essential minerals your body needs – while tasting great.

Thirsty Work Filters

To make sure your water cooler has the best in water cooler filtration, let our engineers take care of it for you. As part of your Thirsty Work service and maintenance package, your filter gets replaced every six months for great tasting water every time.

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