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How Does a Hot Water Dispenser Work?

By Will Vickery |  Published

In a busy environment where no one has the time to wait for a kettle, an instant hot water dispenser can be an incredibly valuable addition to the office with its capacity, versatility and functionality allowing you to save time, space and money, making it the ultimate addition to your workplace or office.

With a hot water dispenser, you can have great, fresh tasting water at the perfect temperature for all your favourite hot drinks. But how does a hot water boiler?

How the Instant Hot Water Dispenser Works 

A hot water dispenser works as a mains-fed system, meaning the water comes directly from your plumbing system which as a result means the water is fresh and does not become stagnant from being kept in the tank system.

When the machine is turned on, the water is pulled from the mains system into the water boiler machine. As the water enters the machine from the mains, it goes through a process of filtration. Firstly, the water is purified through advanced carbon filters, which is what gives it that clean, crisp taste without any odour. The carbon filters will also remove the impurities such as chlorine, volatile, organic compounds and sediment as well as any other unpleasant tastes.

Once the water has passed through this filtration system, the water is then transferred to the heating element of the machine. The heating element in a hot water boiler is a lot quicker than the one in a kettle, so it only takes a few moments to heat up. The filament in a hot water boiler ensures that the water is heated to above 90 degrees centigrade which will ensure that any water born bacteria are killed making it perfectly safe to drink and at the optimum temperature for all your favourite hot drinks.

With the action of the filters and heating filament creating fresh clean tasting water at the perfect temperature, the hot water boiler really is the perfect complimentary product for that perfect hot drink.

The Hot Water Dispenser is suitable for all sizes of businesses whether your a local SME or a big corporation in a city such as Bristol, Reading, Swindon London or Portsmouth etc.. 

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