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Filtration Water Bottling Solutions: The Economic Water Solution For Hospitality

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

We often see the spotlight placed on greenhouse gas emissions as big businesses continue to look for ways to lessen their environmental impact. But what’s generally overlooked is our global water consumption. As a huge industry in our economy, the hospitality sector leads by example and just one of the ways they’re addressing the issue is by adopting fully integrated filtration water taps.

Small commitment, global savings

Water is becoming a scarce resource and for some time our attention has been drawn to the fact that we all need to be saving it as much as we can, wherever we can. But it’s the hospitality industry – and hotels around the world in particular – who are taking the lead, creating and putting into action water-saving strategies for their venues to reduce water usage to benefit all of us.

From the kitchen, laundry, and housekeeping to guest bathrooms and even swimming pools. It’s all about making a commitment to the environment, being a responsible industry, and educating staff and customers in how best to reduce the amount of water used.

But one of the more interesting ways the hospitality industry is saving both water and money is by taking advantage of a filtration water tap and bottling system. Used for back-of-house or front-of-house areas in restaurants and bars, or even hotel guest bedrooms, it provides a range of water types and temperatures for customers and provides savings in plenty of areas.

Effortless filtration

Installing Thirsty Work water filtration bottling systems into your hospitality venue is a perfect way to serve customers filtered water at just the right temperature whenever and however they want it. By using an on-site filtration system, it also helps minimise your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of single-use plastic bottles and cups (we can even supply you with a range of dishwasher safe glass Pura bottles). Plus, with reduced waste, you’ll be using less water overall – even less space in your chiller cabinet. So how does a water filtration bottling system work?

Our range of state-of-the-art Thirsty Work water filtration bottling systems are all designed to be installed as a compact and efficient units connected to your mains water supply, leaving just the sleek, premium tap on and dispensing system on display. Each comes with a choice of chilled and ambient water options, plus sparkling, boiling, filtered, and unfiltered water options depending on the model – all from a single tap at the push of a button.

Each energy-efficient hospitality taps and bottling systems also comes with the in-built Pura3000 filter system. Having advanced filtration technology, the system effortlessly filters out any trace of scale and any chlorine taste and odour. But it also removes any microplastics or other impurities found in the mains supply – down to one ten-thousandth of a millimetre in size – and all without filtering out any of the naturally occurring fluorides.

Get started with Thirsty Work today

A water filtration tap and bottling system from Thirsty Work can give you an easy and simple way to provide refreshing still or sparkling filtered water for your customers. But it also makes for a practical, attractive, and economic solution for any hospitality business.

Let us help you build your hospitality package by giving you a free quote to get you started. Call our expert customer service team on 01392 877 172 or email them on today, and take a big step towards saving money and saving the planet.