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Don't Let Limescale Ruin Your Coffee Machine: A Guide For Hospitality Businesses

By Ryan Tedder |  Published

Every cup of coffee counts in the brisk, customer-focused world of London hospitality, so ensuring your coffee machine operates at peak performance – and stays that way – is essential. But limescale buildup is one of the most common challenges behind reduced efficiency and increased machine malfunctions. So, combating limescale is crucial for any business in the hospitality sector. In this article, we'll look at limescale's impact on coffee machines while offering a filtration system that protects coffee machines and even reduces limescale.

Addressing the limescale issue

Because London and the southeast are hard to very hard water areas of the UK, limescale is extremely common. Water with a high mineral content passes through the water pipework and into appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, kettles, and coffee machines, leaving behind hard, chalky deposits that build up over time. 

This build-up can have disastrous results on internal components, reducing the efficiency of your coffee machine and affecting the quality of your water – and your coffee. For hospitality businesses with a high demand for consistently excellent tea and coffee, addressing the limescale issue isn’t just a matter of machine maintenance but an essential part of customer satisfaction.

Limescale build-up

Limescale not only affects the inner workings of your coffee machine but also directly impacts the quality of the coffee. As limescale builds up in the machine’s heating elements and pipes, it affects its ability to reach and maintain the temperature needed for the perfect brew, resulting in a noticeable drop in the flavour of your coffee.

Additionally, the lifespan of your coffee machine is significantly shortened by limescale. The deposits can clog pipework, increase wear and tear on the internal parts, and eventually cause irreversible damage.

Commercial filter systems

To offer a comprehensive resolution for London hospitality businesses dealing with limescale issues in coffee machines, Thirsty Work has a range of commercial filtration systems and water filters explicitly designed for cafes and restaurants. These systems are part of a sophisticated water treatment process, targeting the reduction and prevention of limescale buildup in various appliances, including coffee machines. 

We understand the challenges and demands of the hospitality sector, and our commercial filters use advanced filtration technology to soften water, effectively reducing the mineral content responsible for limescale. This filtration not only safeguards the life of your coffee machine but also gives you long-term cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Investing in preventive commercial filters is more cost-effective than dealing with repairs and replacements caused by limescale-related issues. By preventing limescale, our filters add to consistent water quality, resulting in better-tasting coffee that meets the demands of your customers.

Install the ideal limescale filter for your coffee machine

All London hospitality businesses will be affected by hard water. So, giving yours – and your coffee machines – the advantage of running at peak performance with an advanced water filtration system will benefit you and your customers. Our commercial filters give you a reliable way to protect your investment in coffee machines and improve the coffee experience for your customers. 

So don't let limescale ruin your coffee machines. Talk to our customer service team today about our water filtration systems for hard water with fast, same, or next-day deliveries directly from our London depot. Get a quote or start your 10-day free trial for any hot water dispenser by calling Thirsty Work at 0208 049 8501, emailing, or message us today.

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