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Do Water Coolers Need To Be Cleaned And Maintained?

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Whenever you use a water cooler, whether at work, in the gym, or in a waiting room, it’s bound to have been used by countless others before you. Every cooler must be safe for everyone to use, so water cooler cleaning and water cooler maintenance, both inside and outside, are essential to giving you a clean and hygienic experience. So what happens?

How clean is your cooler?

Up and down the country there are offices, factories, hospitals, and shops with water coolers giving fast and easy access to pure, chilled drinking water for everyone. They’re a great way to keep staff, customers, and visitors hydrated, but it also encourages them to drink more which is great for a healthy mind and body.

But because water coolers get a lot of use from many different people, it’s crucial they’re kept clean inside and out and regularly maintained. And while both water cooler cleaning and water cooler maintenance are quick and easy to do, the benefits of doing both are far-reaching.

Water cooler cleaning

As well as dust and dirt building up on the outer surfaces, germs and bacteria can thrive on any hi-touch areas like the taps or the cup dispenser. Keeping the outside of your cooler clean is essential for day to day use and can be a simple routine for any water cooler owner to get into.

One of our previous blogs tells you how often you should be doing any water cooling cleaning and what you can do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. From a daily wipe over to a thorough deep clean, following these basic steps can help prolong the life of your water cooler and ensure the health and safety of everyone using it.

And by adding Purguard antibacterial and antiviral coating to your taps, you can also provide a virtually invisible, protective barrier that kills 80% of microbes inside 15 minutes and up to 99.99% within 2 hours.

Water cooler maintenance

Without a good cleaning and maintenance routine, microorganisms can build up inside the cooler which could affect the taste of your water. Internal water cooler maintenance is a little more difficult, but you can do a full tank clean and flush once a month or if your cooler hasn’t been used for a while. Read another previous blog on the best way to clean and disinfect your water cooler.

For more in-depth water cooler maintenance, our fully WHA qualified Thirsty Work engineers can get your cooler deep-cleaned and ready for action. With our full maintenance, sanitisation, and filter change service, we come to you to maintain your cooler to our exceptionally high standards, so you’re left with a pristine cooler with a clean – and sanitary – bill of health.

Trust Thirsty Work for service

With one of our bottled water coolers or mains fed water coolers, it’s easy to do your bit to maintain your water cooler cleaning. For proper water cooler maintenance, you can trust us to deliver the service you need. To find out more information on our full-service packages or to start your free water cooler trial, contact our customer service team on 01392 877 172 or email us at today.