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Are Water Coolers Sustainable?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Water coolers, as well as water fountains and bottling systems, can be one of the most sustainable ways to drink your recommended amount of water each day. But single-use glass and, particularly, plastic bottles are still in devastating high use around the world. Water coolers can replace these to give you full water cooler sustainability.

Zero to landfill

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) state that figures suggest ‘77% of plastic drinks bottles are recycled’ in the UK, but that still leaves a shortfall going into landfill. While work continues to reduce the global environmental impact, the continued popularity of water coolers ensures that continues. So, while providing fresh, great-tasting, filtered water to offices and workplaces everywhere, here are a handful of the environmental and business benefits that help promote water cooler sustainability.


Alongside their manufacture and production, the sheer number of plastic bottles polluting the environment around the world is eye-watering, reaching into the billions. To help reduce this, we take the environment and our own impact seriously. This includes reusing and refilling our water cooler bottles many times over and making recycling – and using recyclable materials – a top priority.

Distribution efficiency

Wherever you currently get your water deliveries from, your office or workplace will be just one stop on a long journey across the UK and potentially, the world. Collectively, this can use millions of gallons of fossil fuels, which in turn creates an increase in carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere every year. Our system and process ensure we distribute and manage our products in the most efficient way possible.

For more information on all these, and our other environmentally-friendly practices, please see our Environmental Policy.

Storage space reclaimed

If you’re currently relying on glass or plastic bottled water for your staff or customers, using a dedicated water cooler in high traffic areas will greatly reduce your use – that’s a benefit in itself. But taking into account the storage space needed for new bottles, together with space to store old and used bottles for collection or disposal, a water cooler will help you reclaim that space instantly.

Financial savings

In many cases, the introduction of a water cooler will provide almost instant financial and environmental savings. We’ve already covered the environmental impact, but over long term use, your business could make great financial savings, and still benefit from pure spring water from an easy to use cooler. You can even extend that by taking advantage of a free water cooler trial today.

Fresh, filtered water

Whether you choose one of our bottled water coolers or opt for a mains fed water cooler, you’re guaranteed fully filtered water. Every bottle of Thirsty Work water is filled with natural spring water from our own spring, while our mains fed coolers feature a fully advanced, Pura filtration system to reduce limescale and remove chlorine, microplastics, and any other impurities, leaving you with fresh water that tastes totally pure with no odour.

Make the change

By investing in solid, environmentally-friendly practices, from source to delivery, Thirsty Work really can make a difference to your business and the environment. And we aim to make water cooler sustainability beneficial to everyone. When you’re looking to make a change, get a free quote or contact our team today on 01392 877 172 or email us on