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Are Hot Water Dispensers Really Environmentally Friendly?

By Ryan Tedder |  Published

In a time when we all need to be as environmentally aware and eco-friendly as possible, there’s plenty we can do individually to make an impact daily. But a hot water dispenser might not immediately spring to mind when it comes to being environmentally friendly. So let’s consider how having an instant hot water dispenser in your home or office kitchen can be one of the most environmentally friendly products you can own.

The environmentally friendly answer

Hot water dispensers are a convenient and practical appliance for many commercial kitchen settings, including offices, restaurants, hotels, and staff common rooms or even home kitchens. But while offering a quick and easy way to give you hot water for a variety of uses, including making tea, coffee, or hot snacks, are commercial hot water dispensers really environmentally friendly?

Yes, they can be if they’re used correctly to minimise energy consumption. But their overall eco-friendliness can depend on several different factors, including their size, their usage, and the unit's environmental impact at the end of its working life. Let’s look a little closer at what makes a hot water dispenser a sound, environmentally-friendly option for your home or office.

Energy efficiency

With the UK having the highest energy prices in Europe, a hot water dispenser is the most efficient and cost-effective way for you to heat the water – and keep it hot. Smaller kettles, repeatedly filled with cold water and boiled, will always increase your energy use and cost you more money to heat.

Adjustable heat settings

While each hot water dispenser can deliver 96ºC water, many models have adjustable temperature settings so you can heat the water to the exact temperature you want. This a great way to reduce energy consumption, as you never have to heat the water any hotter than is required.

Stand-by power

Once your unit has reached the desired temperature, a hot water dispenser will automatically switch over to stand-by power to save energy. But thanks to its construction, the water will maintain its temperature for roughly £1 a day, rather than having to be heated again and again.

Long-lasting elements

Long-lasting elements are crucial to heating your water quickly and effectively. But hard water areas might increase a buildup of limescale and mineral deposits on elements more quickly, affecting their performance. Thirsty Work hot water dispensers can come with an advanced water filtration system to protect the elements and give you better-tasting water.

Get environmentally friendly with Thirsty Work

As well as these environmentally-friendly features, hot water dispensers are much better for your energy consumption than a kettle, and you can find out more about that in our Does your hot water dispenser use a lot of electricity? blog. And Thirsty Work takes its environmental policy seriously, so every hot water dispenser is stripped, cleaned, and responsibly recycled and disposed of at the end of its working life to reduce its environmental impact even further.

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