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Are Hot Water Dispensers Better Than Kettles?

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

With the weather getting colder as 2019 winds to a close, having a hot drink at your desk while you work can become an essential item! But while you wait for yet another kettle to boil, you might be asking whether a hot water dispenser is a better option for you. With an instant, continuous supply of filtered, boiling water from a range of water dispensers to fit any office size, a hot water dispenser provides a range of benefits over a kettle to keep your hot drink needs satisfied!


When you want a hot drink, you don’t want to have to wait for it. Whether you prefer tea or coffee, you don’t go to the kettle looking forward to waiting for your kettle to boil – you’re looking forward to getting your drink! With an instant hot water dispenser, your water is ready just like that, instantly. Whether you’re making a round for the office or just a drink for yourself, your days of refilling and waiting for the kettle are over. With a wide range of sizes available, our range of hot water dispensers will provide instant hot water no matter how large your round.


Waiting for the kettle to boil takes a long time, and we know your time is valuable. So why waste that time unnecessarily? With a hot water dispenser, getting instant hot water means you spend less time hanging around and more time doing what matters to you. And with the energy savings that our hot water dispensers provide, your savings stand to increase even further. If you want to know how much you stand to save by switching to a hot water dispenser, try our simple savings calculator now!


With climate change becoming a more prominent and urgent issue, ensuring all your appliances are as energy efficient as possible isn’t just a cost saving measure, but a climate saving one as well. At Thirsty Work, as part of our environmental policy, we ensure that all of our dispensers are as energy efficient as possible to help minimise our impact on the environment. And with a responsibility to ensure we maximise our recycling and distribution efficiency, you can be sure that we are as serious about the protecting the environment as you are.


Tap water contains lots of chemicals to meet British standards, and these chemicals can build up in your kettle and may also affect your health. Our range of filters specially suited to all water types and regular filter change schedules ensure that your hot water is the purest quality possible by filtering out impurities before the water even enters the dispenser.

The Verdict?

With a variety of mains-fed hot water dispensers to suit any workplace, upgrading from a kettle will save you both time and money, while also helping to reduce your impact on the environment and ensuring that you get the best quality cuppa possible! With this in mind, why not arrange a free trial for your workplace now? Simply click through to arrange your trial or call us on 01392 877 172 and speak to one of our friendly staff!

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