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Aquachill Joins The Thirsty Work Family

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

It’s the age old adage in business where the big corporations buy the smaller local businesses, the service is never quite the same and the customer get lost in amongst systems and in meetings about meetings. Not in the case of the merger between Thirstywork and Aquachill where two great local businesses have joined together to deliver an even better result to the watercooler industry.

Thirstywork has been trading as a family owned and run, independent business for over 25 years. Started out of a garage and offering a fantastic proposition and product range, the business has grown during this period as customers have sought a better service than provided by the national equivalents. Its coverage spans across most of London and the south coast of England and into the midlands and had planned to complete this stage of its territory by setting up a service centre in the south east.

For a decade Aquachill has been a growing watercooler business with the customer at the heart of the operation. After a chance encounter the Aquachill management team expressed an interest in wanting to realise all of their efforts and hard work however felt they would be letting their customers down by handing the reigns over to a national supplier. With such similar cultures the partnership between the two companies was a simple next step.

Whilst their larger corporate counterparts are cutting costs and infrastructure Thirstywork’s first step has been to expand the depot and hubs arounds around the South East in anticipation for the surge in demand as the market becomes aware of the combined strength of the collaboration of Thristywork and Aquachill.

When asked about the move into London and the surrounding area Managing Director, Andrew Vickery commented; “We have for some time been aware of a gap in the market for a watercooler operator delivering excellence in this region of the UK and the team and I are delighted to take these next steps with our merger of a professional, local business, with the same values as ourselves based out of Hemel Hempstead. After careful consideration we will now bring the two businesses under the one brand of Thirstywork and look to help as many businesses hydrate their teams within the South East area.”

Of course every company claims to look after their customers however Thirstywork continues to see real validation of this through our reviews and the consistent flood of new enquiries and existing watercooler customers looking for a local alternative. Truly exciting times!

Have you ever been charged for an extra order by your current supplier? Possibly waited days for a delivery of water? Looking to save money on your watercooler by switching to a mains fed alternative? Tired of having to queue for a hot drink whilst the kettle boils or simple just fed up with dealing with large call centres and your current provider? The time has now come where you can talk to Thirstywork and see how we can solve these challenges for you whilst supporting a local business.

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