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Thirsty Works Commitment to the Environment

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By Will Vickery |  Published

Buying your water in bottles can seem like an expensive and futile exercise, especially in the UK, when we have safe drinking tap water. However, for us to have this luxury, the water is treated using various methods which leaves an unfortunate chemical residue taste to the water. Therefore, many people choose to buy bottled water as it comes from a natural underground source, and is treated with natural products such as carbon filters, which is what gives it its fresh clean taste. However, the main concern for the consumers, is buying your water in bottles going to harm the environment?  But will it?

An Environmentally friendly water cooler supplier

As a company, Thirsty Work has made a strong commitment to ensure we focus on protecting the environment. This commitment applies to all aspects of the business, from the water source that we use to not using endless amounts of paper. This belief is something that the whole Thirsty Work team have bought into as they all make a proactive attempt to help protect the environment.

Minimal Packaging

At Thirsty Work we take a lot of pride in our packaging. However, with the packaging it is a fine balance of making sure that the customer has access to a certain level of information but additionally ensuring that we keep our packaging to a minimum to protect the environment. By keeping our packaging to a minimum, it means that we use fewer resources and therefore will help to minimise the damage of the environment.

Recycling Bottles

The usage of large plastic water cooler bottles can often cause concern for many consumers, but let us lay your mind at rest. At Thirsty Work we see every empty plastic bottle as valuable. This means that our drivers will collect all the empty plastic bottles from you and then return them to the nearest depot. These bottles then undergo a process of sterilisation at our bottling plant so they can be refilled again and then redistributed to our customers.

Never Landfill

Unfortunately, as robust as our plastic bottles are, their life is expectancy is not infinite. After our bottles go through the process of sterilisation and re-filling several times, they become to weak. So once these plastic bottles have come to the end of their life expectancy, they are taken to a specialist hub where they are recycled.

A Label for Life

Over the years Thirsty Work has invested in leading technology with our packaging which means that dispute several sterilisation methods that involve heat, the labels on our bottles will last for the whole lifetime of the bottle. This is therefore helping to protect the environment as we are minimising our wastage, but also not having to invest in chemical adhesive.

Striving to Reduce Our Emissions

As a business with a large delivery network, it makes sense financially as well as environmentally to run a fleet of delivery vans that are modern. Recently Thirsty Work has invested in a whole new fleet of Peugeot vans that has BlueHDI Technology, which means the vans will produce minimal CO2 emissions and therefore help to reduce our carbon footprint.    

Managed Water Sources

At the Thirsty Work bottling plant in Burlawn, we carefully manage the water source to make sure that it is sustainable. We also do not waste any of the natural spring water by ensuring any unused water from the bottling plant is returned onto the Aquifer to continue the nature cycle.

To find out more about Thirsty Works commitment to the environment, read our environmental policies.

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