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Ridgeway Barbers

I always thought we were not big enough to have a watercooler however Thirstywork got in touch and offered a bottled watercooler to try with no obligation to keep it on. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to see how it worked for me and my customers. It proved a very popular addition to the salon however I was still concerned about costs. Christian came to visit and talked me through how it would work and the pricing which was really good and made me realise that a watercooler was well within my budget even for a small business.

Now we all enjoy using the watercooler and it has even got me drinking water more regularly than I used to.

Our driver is a really nice chap, he carries the bottles in and puts them out the back. Often he will actually change the bottle for us when he is here and our engineer that sanitises our watercooler is also very helpful.

Thirstywork are a lovely company to deal with and I would recommend getting a watercooler from them.

Julie Jeffery


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