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Thirsty Work have been an excellent supplier for quite some time. We originally had a bottled water cooler with them which worked brilliantly as a small business. As our business grew we used increasingly large volumes of water which is to be expected. Thirsty Work however proactively contacted us to make us aware of a mains fed water cooler solution. After considering the benefits we decided to give it and try and never looked back. We found that we could award a stable monthly budget to the water cooler while saving space and eliminating the need for lifting of bottles.

More recently Thirsty Work introduced their hot water boiler and ask if we would try it complementary, with a view to providing some feedback. We were delighted to be able to help and agreed. Interestingly the kettle has always been a frustration as it takes time to boil and clients have to wait for a drink while they visit. The engineer was professional and helpful when he attached the hot water boiler to our mains. Quickly we found that the hot water boiler was working out very well, saving vast amounts of time however we were concerned about how much it would cost.

When Thirsty Work got back in touch we explained that the product was excellent however we were unsure if we could afford it. They understood exactly where we were coming from and explained the price which was very affordable given the superb impact of the hot water boiler. We have been delighted with Thirsty Work as our supplier for our mains fed water cooler and hot water boiler.

Alastair Banks


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