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Classic Hydro Tap

The Hydro Tap is the world’s most advanced drinking water system, combining state-of-the-art technology, high quality Pura filtration and stunning design, as well as being an energy efficient drinking water solution. The iconic industrial design remains a much-loved and popular choice, suited to any workplace, and the inbuilt pura3000 filter puts crystal-clear better-tasting water on tap, filtering out chlorine taste and odour and impurities as tiny as one ten-thousandth of a millimetre, but does not remove beneficial fluoride. 

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Key Features

  • Boiling temperature: 98 oC
  • Can be installed over sink or font
  • Fast cup filling (lever down) or hands-free pot filling (lever up)
  • Vented mixer
  • Compact under-counter unit
  • Energy saving modes including sensor activated ‘sleep when its dark’ and ‘powers-off’ after two hours of non-use
  • Air cooled refrigeration system
  • Auto-diagnosis system monitors HydroTap’s performance
  • Advanced energy management system
  • With pura3000 filtration


Tap Height 207mm
Dispense Height 125mm
Tap Height With Extension Shaft 312mm
Dispense Height Entension Shaft 230mm
Tap Depth 116mm 

Size may vary depending on model, download the brochure for more details

Water Options



Over Sink
Over Font
Under Counter Unit Required

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