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Stainless Steel


Blu Pura Tower

The 2 button Blupura Tower dispenses two types of water: cold still and cold sparkling, or cold still and ambient still. The 3 button option dispenses cold still, cold sparkling and ambient still water. The Tower MIX model comes complete with portion control and is made entirely from stainless steel (including the buttons). This model provides cold still, cold sparkling and semi-sparkling water options.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel and black colour options
  • Install over font
  • Push button control
  • The 2 button model outputs cold still and cold sparkling water
  • The 3 button model outputs cold still, cold sparkling and ambient still water
  • The MIX model outputs cold still, semi-sparkling and sparkling water
  • Optional portion control
  • Drip tray included
  • Under-counter unit comes with double cooling-coil, one for cold still water the other for sparkling (optional).
  • Uses fluoride-free natural gas - zero impact on global warming (HC R290)
  • With pura filtration


Tap Height 444mm
Tap Width 146mm
Tap Depth 146mm
Tap Dispense Height 322mm


Water Options



Over Font
Under Counter Unit Required

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