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Why You Should Rent a Water Cooler

Posted by on August 23rd 2017 in Water Coolers

Whether you're a big corporation in a city like Bristol, London or Manchester or a local SME we see many businesses consider buying water coolers, but are then put off by the cost and hassle of the upkeep.

So, for many businesses, renting a water cooler or dispenser from a local water cooler supplier would be a much more viable option, because when you rent a water cooler with Thirsty Work you receive a full upkeep and delivery service that are all included in the agreed price of the agreement. This will allow you to have a hassle free and more cost-effective experience...

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Instant Hot Water Dispenser Revolution

Posted by on March 16th 2017 in Hot Water Dispensers

With more and more of our customers enjoying the benefits of the instant hot water dispenser alongside their watercooler the Waterman thought we would take a quick peek at what all the fuss is about……..

Saves time…….and time is money!!!  Ever sat and watched how many people are waiting for the kettle to boil? Ever boiled the kettle then dashed off and had to re-boil it five minutes later after somebody has pinched your water? With instant water all the hassle just falls away.

Check out our money saving calculator

It’s a “no-brainer,” with a Thirstywork free trial – Lots of our customers enjoy...

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