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Is It Ok To Drink Sparkling Water Every Day?

Posted by on October 3rd 2022 in Water Coolers

We all know drinking water regularly each day benefits your mind and body while helping you stay hydrated and refreshed. But plain, still water can become a little one-note after a while, so sparkling water can seem like a tempting alternative. But is it OK to drink sparkling water every day – and what happens if you do?

Still vs Sparkling water

When it comes to staying healthy and hydrated, caffeine, alcohol, and sugary soft drinks aren’t a good choice. But sparkling water sits in a grey area: it’s fizzy, but it’s still water – isn't it?

Sparkling and still water are technically...

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How Much Water Should I Drink to Stay Hydrated When It's Hot?

Posted by on September 26th 2022 in Health

This summer has seen the UK reach daily temperatures of 40ºC. But while the emphasis has been on the climate emergency, it’s taken away from the importance of drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. In extreme heat – and even in milder warmth – we can lose body fluids much more quickly. So how much water should you drink during the summer to stay hydrated?

Increase your water intake

During hot weather, we can lose our essential body fluids more rapidly. With 60% of every adult body made up of water – including our blood – your body needs extra fluids...

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Top Five Tips To Save Water During The Summer

Posted by on September 19th 2022 in Environment

As we experience another hot summer – including the driest July in 100 years – the focus is back on the climate emergency and our water demand. As the warm weather continues, some areas in London, the South, and South East are looking at a hosepipe ban. But while that might prevent you from watering your garden or cleaning your car, what else can you do to make water savings this summer? Here are our five tips.

1. Switch your shower head

Depending on your showerhead, you could use up to 15 litres of water per minute for your shower. So a...

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Why Isn't My Water Cooler Working? Quick And Easy Troubleshooting Tips

Posted by on September 12th 2022 in Water Coolers

Having a bottled or mains fed water cooler in your home or workspace is one of the easiest ways to keep everyone refreshed and hydrated all day, every day. But being the ideal item to position in any high-footfall area, it does mean they can get a lot of daily use.

While every unit is covered by our service and maintenance packages, there may be times when your water cooler develops a small fault and needs a little troubleshooting to help it maintain its performance. So let’s take a look at a few quick and easy troubleshooting tips you can do...

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How Long Will I Have To Wait For My Water Cooler Delivery?

Posted by on September 7th 2022 in Water Coolers

Our water cooler delivery times are crucial to how we operate, indicating the type of service you’ll receive from us. Ensuring you, your staff, or your family stay hydrated for longer, our commitment to getting water cooler deliveries out to you as soon as possible makes Thirsty Work stand out from the crowd. So how long will you have to wait for your water cooler delivery?

An efficient service

You get the best water cooler experience when you don’t even need to think about it. You always have a full complement of cups, accessories, and water bottles at home or work, while...

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Which Water Dispenser Is Best For Your School?

Posted by on August 29th 2022 in Water Coolers

Children are particularly susceptible to dehydration as they’re less tolerant of heat in hot weather or when exercising or being active. Staying hydrated is crucial for kids to maintain good physical and mental health so they can function and thrive at school every day. Thirsty Work has a selection of mains fed water dispensers, water fountains, and bottle fillers, that are perfect for the daily hydration challenges of kids at school.

Mains fed water dispensers

An ideal addition to smaller schools, our slimline, freestanding Clover D16 mains fed water dispenser is a hardwearing cooler giving chilled and ambient filtered water with a...

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Top Things To Consider When You Buy A Water Cooler

Posted by on August 22nd 2022 in Water Coolers

When you’re looking into buying a water cooler, there are plenty of things to consider beforehand. Just like any other product, you’ll have certain requirements and options to help you make a final decision. So when you’re in the market for buying a new water cooler, here are our top things you should be considering.

The type of water cooler you need

Different water coolers have different methods of delivering the pure-filtered water your home, office, or organisation needs. You can find out more about which water cooler is best for you, but they fall into two main categories:

Mains fed water coolers


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Tackling Rising Electricity Costs One Cup At A Time

Posted by on August 15th 2022 in Environment

Consumed by a cost of living crisis, the UK is currently seeing price increases across the board. Food costs are rising as fuel, taxes, and inflation all hit record highs. And with the energy price cap rising by 54%, it means electricity and gas prices are surging. And the energy costs are affecting all businesses too. So what can households and businesses do to try and combat the spiralling energy costs?

Energy price cap rises

While the much-publicised energy price cap has increased the average energy bill by around £650 per person for households – and is set to rise again in...

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Need a short-term water cooler rental for summer? Get set up today!

Posted by on August 8th 2022 in Water Coolers

If your business, school, or public space isn’t taking advantage of the many healthy and hydrating benefits a water cooler can give everyone, now is the perfect time to try. If you’re undecided, taking out a short-term, water cooler rental for the summer could be enough to convince to you carry on using one beyond the summer and all year round.

The benefits of drinking water

The health benefits of drinking water regularly and staying hydrated all year round are undeniable. Healthy heart, kidneys, and liver, better skin, lubricated joints, hydrated muscles, and good digestion are just some of the benefits water...

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Finding The Best Water Cooler Filter For Safe, Healthy London Water

Posted by on August 1st 2022 in Water Coolers

The hard, mains water around London and the southeast often leaves residents in these areas with a bad taste in their mouths. But while it’s completely safe and healthy water to drink, it’s the millions of water cooler filters doing their job quietly and efficiently that help people get their daily dose of fresh-tasting drinking water straight from the tap.

Water cooler filters

Of course, drinking water from London and the southeast is completely safe to drink. Rigorously tested hundreds and thousands of times over the course of a year, its standard is very high. But it’s the taste and the hard...

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